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Meet Kate Flammea

Ladies as we celebrate International Women’s Day today I am so excited to introduce to you the gorgeous Kate Flammea. Your new fav #girlboss. Kate is the owner of Smart Skin Clinics and responsible for my new and improved thighs he he. Not only is she a CEO/Founder/Bossbabe she is also a wife, mother and the brains behind Pressplay Cosmetics. Trust me when I say Pressplay Cosmetics will be your new must have when it comes to skincare, fragrance & make up on the run, all in a sexy little capsule. It’s so lux and perfect for the blogger on the run like me. I cant wait to share my review with you all in the coming weeks but for now fall in love with Kate. Yep I am totally girl crushing. Can you blame me?
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Meet Francesca

From small market stall to much-loved Australian brand, Francesa is the on-trend designer jewellery label by sisters Hannah & Rachel. Working with sterling silver and solid gold, the two sisters meld their contrasting styles to create striking contemporary pieces. Enjoy my Q&A below: 

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Meet Krissy

There is nothing I love more than featuring fearless women who inspire me on Insincerely Her – and seriously, you ladies are in for a treat this time! I had the pleasure of interviewing the beautiful Krissy Marsh from Real Housewives of Sydney! Prior to RHOS, I knew nothing about the amazing Krissy but I instantly fell in love with her personality, style, and love for her family. Her fur babies, Bondi & Bronte, also have there own Instagram account! What impressed me most was Krissy’s incredibly resilience, and the credible way she handled herself when mean girls attacked…

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Meet Candice Warner

I had the pleasure of interviewing the stunning Candice Warner. For those who don’t know Candice is mother to two little angles, an athlete and wife to cricketing legend David Warner. While Candice is always on every red carpet guest list. Candice is a self-confessed ‘faux-cialiser’… who would rather enjoy a night in indulging in a Connoisseur choc mousse then a star-studded event… now I know your all thinking what is a faux-cialiser? Find out below.

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Meet France

Buying a designer bag on a minimum wage is hard work, ladies! I am very grateful to have some great investment pieces in my wardrobe. After all, they’re timeless. Cossette is a private, members-only shopping destination, founded two years ago by the lovely France. I caught up with her to find out all about how she began her online and pop-up designer bag stores.

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Kismet by Milka

I had the pleasure of interviewing Hande Kurtulus who has just just brought Kismet by Milka to Australia for all you lucky ladies who are obsessed with statement jewellery, including myself. The likes of Madonna, Margot Robbie, Nikki Minaj, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Bella Hadid (Just to name a few) have been seen in this amazing company’s jewellery. The line feature chokers, statement earrings, and necklaces along with my favourite, the initial ring. Secretly hoping Santa brings me a Z ring this Christmas! For now enjoy my interview with Hande and enjoy my favourite items from Kismet by Milka, below.
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Meet Sarah

I am so excited to feature Sarah, the owner of Sunkissed the Collective. I am all about #Girlbosses and obsessed with online shopping, so it’s an honor to have Sarah on my blog. If you’re in love with summer, the ocean and tan lines like me, or need a new outfit for your next adventure or summer date night… Sunkissed the Collective is for you, ladies. You are going to fall in love. Don’t panic, she also has knitwear for you Melbourne ladies, and the most amazing towels to create the perfect beach selfie, #beachlife.

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Meet Sue Sensi

For those who don’t know I come from a Cypriot Turkish background and have always loved the ‘evil eye.’ When I was a baby I was gifted with a gold pendant with the eye on it to protect me. From my childhood to my teens I would wear the evil eye beaded bracelets or a necklace for protection. I remember I took my necklace off after years of it being around my neck and got chili powder in my eye and cried tears of pain. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

I was always raised to have the evil eye on me for protection from evil and it’s something I really do believe in so much, I have considered getting it tattooed on my body.

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Supercharged with Lee

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be hard, expensive and overwhelming especially for a chronic food binger like me.

Someone asked me the other day why do you need a reason to work out? My current reasons include my engagement party, my holiday in August to the States (I really want to look decent in a bikini in Vegas), along with looking healthy at my best friend’s wedding (bridesmaid pressures only a year away).

The conversation really had me thinking. Why do I need a reason to work out? Why cant I make a healthy lifestyle choice for me and others around me? I came across a website called Supercharged Food which has eating plans, a great blog, and recipes that are free of ‘gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast & sugar’ – how convenient.

Along with following this website, I would love to try a program called Heal Your Gut (HYG).

Supercharged Food is one of my new favorite go-to websites, please take a minute to check it out here, but for now enjoy my interview with Lee.

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If you keep up to date with my blog you would know I am a huge fan of designer rentals, from The Birdcage Stylist to Something Borrowed. Now there is a new shop on the block. Alex Osmond is the young owner of Her Wardrobe, since she ended up spending over $14k on dresses she had only wore once and decided to start renting her designer outfits out. She has loaned out to socialites and is a hit when it comes to weddings, birthdays and events.

Spending over $500 on a dress and only wearing it once can be very hard on the pocket (especially mine) so being able to rent out a dress for under $200 or less is a saviour, especially during wedding season and spring racing (she also hires out head pieces and clutches).

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My Interview with Lilliane Caron

I love featuring powerful women on my blog, especially when they are their own boss. No matter what business they are in, they inspire me to do better. If a woman can decide her passion is worth turning into a business then I feel that personally, perhaps I could do it too?

One of these remarkable women I admire is Lilliane Caron, who is the owner of Waxaway and Caronlab. Followers of my blog will remember my post reviewing various Waxaway products. Since reviewing these great products I have become obsessed with them and my favourites are the ready to use wax strips which I use on my arms and legs with amazing results. If you would like to read my review you can find it here.

But for now let’s talk to Lilliane and uncover her amazing passion for her product. Whilst there may be many wax products on the market, Lilliane believes her products are a cut above. She blends her love of helping people feel good with her knowledge of what a wax product needs to be, which shows in the quality of the finished product.

Please enjoy my chat with Lilliane and be sure to check out the Waxaway products on their user friendly website.


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Meet Azzi

At what age did you know the hair and beauty industry was what you wanted to get into? 

I fell in love with cosmetics when I was only 16, working for The Body Shop and Red Earth while still at school. Then throughout my six-year degree studying Arts/Law at the University of Sydney, I worked for various department store brands at David Jones, before training with MAC.

After I graduated and despite having high-level qualifications, doing the degree of High Court Judges and Prime Ministers and even becoming an admitted solicitor, I knew I was in love with two things – makeup artistry and writing.

So much so, that I decided to abandon all my legal training in pursuit of my passions. So I worked as a freelance journalist for Reuters and The Times, amongst other newspapers and magazines.

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Meet The Muesli Makers

When hearing Tommy Little on the radio speak about his love for muesli, I just had to reach out to local muesli-makers The Muesli.

I have been busily sampling their range while arranging a review and giveaway. But for now, meet Emma Dumas; mother, television producer, golfer, fitness lover and The Muesli Maker.

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