Meet Francesca

From small market stall to much-loved Australian brand, Francesa is the on-trend designer jewellery label by sisters Hannah & Rachel. Working with sterling silver and solid gold, the two sisters meld their contrasting styles to create striking contemporary pieces. Enjoy my Q&A below: 

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Meet Krissy

There is nothing I love more than featuring fearless women who inspire me on Insincerely Her – and seriously, you ladies are in for a treat this time! I had the pleasure of interviewing the beautiful Krissy Marsh from Real Housewives of Sydney! Prior to RHOS, I knew nothing about the amazing Krissy but I instantly fell in love with her personality, style, and love for her family. Her fur babies, Bondi & Bronte, also have there own Instagram account! What impressed me most was Krissy’s incredibly resilience, and the credible way she handled herself when mean girls attacked…

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Meet Candice Warner

I had the pleasure of interviewing the stunning Candice Warner. For those who don’t know Candice is mother to two little angles, an athlete and wife to cricketing legend David Warner. While Candice is always on every red carpet guest list. Candice is a self-confessed ‘faux-cialiser’… who would rather enjoy a night in indulging in a Connoisseur choc mousse then a star-studded event… now I know your all thinking what is a faux-cialiser? Find out below.

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Meet France

Buying a designer bag on a minimum wage is hard work, ladies! I am very grateful to have some great investment pieces in my wardrobe. After all, they’re timeless. Cossette is a private, members-only shopping destination, founded two years ago by the lovely France. I caught up with her to find out all about how she began her online and pop-up designer bag stores.

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Kismet by Milka

I had the pleasure of interviewing Hande Kurtulus who has just just brought Kismet by Milka to Australia for all you lucky ladies who are obsessed with statement jewellery, including myself. The likes of Madonna, Margot Robbie, Nikki Minaj, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Bella Hadid (Just to name a few) have been seen in this amazing company’s jewellery. The line feature chokers, statement earrings, and necklaces along with my favourite, the initial ring. Secretly hoping Santa brings me a Z ring this Christmas! For now enjoy my interview with Hande and enjoy my favourite items from Kismet by Milka, below.
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Meet Sarah

I am so excited to feature Sarah, the owner of Sunkissed the Collective. I am all about #Girlbosses and obsessed with online shopping, so it’s an honor to have Sarah on my blog. If you’re in love with summer, the ocean and tan lines like me, or need a new outfit for your next adventure or summer date night… Sunkissed the Collective is for you, ladies. You are going to fall in love. Don’t panic, she also has knitwear for you Melbourne ladies, and the most amazing towels to create the perfect beach selfie, #beachlife.

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Meet Sue Sensi

For those who don’t know I come from a Cypriot Turkish background and have always loved the ‘evil eye.’ When I was a baby I was gifted with a gold pendant with the eye on it to protect me. From my childhood to my teens I would wear the evil eye beaded bracelets or a necklace for protection. I remember I took my necklace off after years of it being around my neck and got chili powder in my eye and cried tears of pain. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

I was always raised to have the evil eye on me for protection from evil and it’s something I really do believe in so much, I have considered getting it tattooed on my body.

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Supercharged with Lee

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be hard, expensive and overwhelming especially for a chronic food binger like me.

Someone asked me the other day why do you need a reason to work out? My current reasons include my engagement party, my holiday in August to the States (I really want to look decent in a bikini in Vegas), along with looking healthy at my best friend’s wedding (bridesmaid pressures only a year away).

The conversation really had me thinking. Why do I need a reason to work out? Why cant I make a healthy lifestyle choice for me and others around me? I came across a website called Supercharged Food which has eating plans, a great blog, and recipes that are free of ‘gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast & sugar’ – how convenient.

Along with following this website, I would love to try a program called Heal Your Gut (HYG).

Supercharged Food is one of my new favorite go-to websites, please take a minute to check it out here, but for now enjoy my interview with Lee.

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If you keep up to date with my blog you would know I am a huge fan of designer rentals, from The Birdcage Stylist to Something Borrowed. Now there is a new shop on the block. Alex Osmond is the young owner of Her Wardrobe, since she ended up spending over $14k on dresses she had only wore once and decided to start renting her designer outfits out. She has loaned out to socialites and is a hit when it comes to weddings, birthdays and events.

Spending over $500 on a dress and only wearing it once can be very hard on the pocket (especially mine) so being able to rent out a dress for under $200 or less is a saviour, especially during wedding season and spring racing (she also hires out head pieces and clutches).

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My Interview with Lilliane Caron

I love featuring powerful women on my blog, especially when they are their own boss. No matter what business they are in, they inspire me to do better. If a woman can decide her passion is worth turning into a business then I feel that personally, perhaps I could do it too?

One of these remarkable women I admire is Lilliane Caron, who is the owner of Waxaway and Caronlab. Followers of my blog will remember my post reviewing various Waxaway products. Since reviewing these great products I have become obsessed with them and my favourites are the ready to use wax strips which I use on my arms and legs with amazing results. If you would like to read my review you can find it here.

But for now let’s talk to Lilliane and uncover her amazing passion for her product. Whilst there may be many wax products on the market, Lilliane believes her products are a cut above. She blends her love of helping people feel good with her knowledge of what a wax product needs to be, which shows in the quality of the finished product.

Please enjoy my chat with Lilliane and be sure to check out the Waxaway products on their user friendly website.


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Meet Azzi

At what age did you know the hair and beauty industry was what you wanted to get into? 

I fell in love with cosmetics when I was only 16, working for The Body Shop and Red Earth while still at school. Then throughout my six-year degree studying Arts/Law at the University of Sydney, I worked for various department store brands at David Jones, before training with MAC.

After I graduated and despite having high-level qualifications, doing the degree of High Court Judges and Prime Ministers and even becoming an admitted solicitor, I knew I was in love with two things – makeup artistry and writing.

So much so, that I decided to abandon all my legal training in pursuit of my passions. So I worked as a freelance journalist for Reuters and The Times, amongst other newspapers and magazines.

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Meet The Muesli Makers

When hearing Tommy Little on the radio speak about his love for muesli, I just had to reach out to local muesli-makers The Muesli.

I have been busily sampling their range while arranging a review and giveaway. But for now, meet Emma Dumas; mother, television producer, golfer, fitness lover and The Muesli Maker.

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My interview with Jess Dempsey

Jess Dempsey is the founder of the blog, What Would Karl Do. Her blog was one of the first blogs I’d really taken a liking to a few years back. Her love for Chanel and Paris kept me coming back for more. Whilst stuck in my office job, I would be in awe of her latest purchase or outfit.

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My Interview with Victoria Montano‏


From property to online retailer, how did the change in career come about?

I come from a long line of fashionistas – my mother had a very successful accessories business and my grandmother was the head buyer for Mark Foys, so it has always been a bit of a dream to go into fashion. However, the catalyst for change was my son. Being a mother first and foremost and wanting to do something that would mould to ‘us’ rather than the other way around. PLUS, also seeing that there was a gap in the market here is Australia for online luxury designer kids brands. Add to this that the minute I became a mother was the minute I became a 99% online shopper- and I thought, hey, this needs to be online as mummies just don’t have time to shop!

Where do you look for inspiration when sourcing items?

My inspirations comes from two places – one being travel. We spend a lot of time in Europe so I am a keen researcher of children’s fashion (and women’s fashion too I might add!). However, part of my inspiration in selecting the garments I do is to create complete wardrobe solutions for mothers. So each piece in each collection should ultimately tie back with the others. This gives mothers more confidence in styling, plus allows them to create full wardrobe solutions for the little ones.

I love that your website caters to boys, girls and mothers, do you plan on expanding and launching a ‘dad’ section in the near future?

The plan is to offer men’s swimwear in the coming seasons if we see that there is a place for it. B Lux is a huge fan of the daddy child matchy match scenario!

What can we expect to see from your soon to be released Nursery range?

We are very excited about this! This should be good to go for March next year, possibly Feb! We have three complete suites- boys, girls and unisex. The pieces are extremely luxurious but very bohemian at the same time. We designed them with influences and reference from Marrakech and the exotic Ryad furniture one finds there. The two hero’s of the collection are the cot, which is honestly breathtaking and our fabulous nursing chairs. They are completely different from anything else on the market. They are grown up interiors pieces for parents who like their baby’s rooms to flow on from their household interiors.

What is the current trend in kid’s fashion?

In the luxury market – where B Lux sits, we have found that the best selling products are the timeless pieces; The elegant cuts and the classic colours. Limited edition fabrics and amazing prints.

Our business is a special occasion boutique. We offer cutting edge designer clothes that will never go out of style for birthdays, christening, weddings and religious events and other special times of the year.

The highest sellers for boys since we launched have been the Pom D’Api loafers and the Petit Bateau knits. For girls the gorgeous dresses from Lemoniz and Lili Gaufrette have been very popular too!

How do you balance having a career and raising such a young family?

It’s really hard. The only way I have found it possible to balance everything is to not put any pressure on myself to be perfect. Sometimes my son has to come to work. Sometimes my husband has to be a bit cranky with me!



What would be your top three tips to new mums who plan on going back to work or starting a business with a young family?

Do it for yourself and for yourself only. If you don’t enjoy what you are doing it is going to be a nightmare of gargantuan proportions. The positives are it allows you to be independent. The negatives are that things do fall apart a little at home. Be prepared for that. And if you can – get a nanny or bribe your mother. You need hands on assistance other than day care to run your own business from my experience. It’s the last minute things that pop up that throw you.

If you could style one celebrity toddler who would it be?

I play favourites with my favourite  – there is only one… Pixie Curtis. Without doubt the best mannered 4 year old ever born.


Check out B Lux here

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Meet The Champagne Dame

As lover of champagne I just had to contact Kyla. Not only is she stunning and smart, but her knowledge on champagne is incredible. Surely she has the best job in the world? Meet The Champagne Dame.

What made you decide to put your corporate career on hold and open a wine bar?

I loved my corporate career in finance; ultimately I am a businesswoman and always will be. But I think I am also very entrepreneurial and very passionate, so I follow my heart without hesitation. This is both risky and rewarding! I thought that I would continue my career in banking and have my bar on the side – I clearly underestimated the workload. We were so busy from the first day we opened, that I had to call on my girlfriends to come help me and my staff in the bar. It was a room full of beautiful women, of course then we got busier!

How did you evolve from Kyla to The Champagne Dame?

I have always had a strong interest in food and wine but it was the history of Champagne that really started my passion. In 2005, I read an article on Napoleon Bonaparte who was the first emperor of France. He had a relationship with a man by the name of Jean-Remy Moët and would always ride his cavalry of soldiers through Champagne on his way to war. I read every book there was to read on champagne and when I ran out of books, I wrote a letter to a gentleman who had written my favourite book on champagne.

To my surprise, he wrote back inviting me to Champagne to study with him – so I took a chance, bought a one-way ticket and moved to Champagne. I was recruited in France with luxury goliath Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy to represent their champagne brands. I am now independently educating as The Champagne Dame, and this year is my tenth anniversary of working in the Champagne industry! It’s been an amazing journey and I have many stories to tell …

What is your favourite champagne?

That is like asking a mother with 5 children, which one is her favourite. (She knows but she just won’t tell you!) All champagne from the Champagne region is wonderful. They have the most unique set of growing conditions and very exacting standards, which ensure their sparkling wines are the best in the world. But, if you really want to know, I absolutely love Dom Ruinart. This is a prestige cuvee released by the champagne house Ruinart.

When purchasing champagne, is expensive necessarily better?

Expense is generally an indicator of how long the champagne has been aged in the cellar by the winemaker. The longer the time in the wine maker’s cellar in France, the more complex the champagne will be. Champagne is different to wine. It ages differently. You can age wine in your cellar at home and it will continue to evolve, but it’s not that simple with champagne.

Part of the reason champagne is expensive is that the winemaker will age the champagne in HIS cellar, where it has the yeast in the bottle. (The yeast creates a second fermentation in the bottle which creates the bubbles!) The yeast is like a life-support system, keeping the champagne alive – it also adds the beautiful aroma and complexity to champagne.

Having said that, in the Non-Vintage category, (there will be no year listed on the bottle) you can find great grower champagnes, which don’t spend money on big marketing campaigns and are generally more affordable than the big brands.

What can we experience on one of your champagne tours?

The tours are wow. It is ten years of relationships rolled out in the ultimate red carpet experience in Champagne. We call it the ‘Insider’s Tour’ as you cannot go to Champagne on your own and replicate these experiences.

It is a week with me staying in a beautiful chateau enjoying black-tie soirees every night, having private champagne tastings with the top champagne houses and amazing degustation lunches and dinners with some of the most famous family members in champagne.

Every year someone cries as it’s really euphoric – you need to pinch yourself some days to ensure its all real! I take 12 guests only, and we start and end in Paris with a night out on the town.

It’s an incredible experience, champagne-lover, or not! We have just released a new tour which lasts 2-days in Paris exploring the hottest champagne bars and 5-days in Champagne during harvest for September 2016.

Visit The Champagne Dame’s website here.


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My Interview with Joanne Dampney

If you missed my previous post on Skin Juice check it out here. For now, enjoy my interview with the juicy creator of Skin Juice, Joanne Dampney.

How did the skin juicing story come about?

I had always had a love of nature from growing up on my parents farm in Narrabri, NSW. When I started my beauty therapy training I didn’t really fit the normal mold at the time, As I  had a deep love of aromatherapy and Ayurvedic principals. All the skin care ranges we were using were French or highly fragranced and loaded up with unnatural ingredients. When I had the opportunity to start up my own salon I knew it was time to follow my passion and create a product that I could truly stand behind. It was in my salon in Cooks Hill, Newcastle in 1996 that my first formula was created. It has been a long uphill journey from a time when natural and organic products were not at all popular or understood to now, when they are appreciated.

I, like many, used to find it a hassle to cleanse, tone and moisturise in the morning. How important is it to look after your skin?

It is super important to protect and nurture your skin, it is your largest organ and you need it to be healthy for the long haul of life. Skin Juice’s routine is unique in the world of beauty, we don’t cleanse in the morning, only at night. We have a healthy skin daily diet that consists of 2 easy steps in the morning and 3 at night. What you are feeding your skin is also super important, so many products today contain a cocktail of nasty, toxic ingredients that do more damage than good.

Tell us about your amazing range. What are the key items needed for beautiful skin care and body care.

At Skin Juice we believe that true beauty is revealed by being your authentic self.
We believe in making empowered, educated choices and looking after what you have been given. At Skin Juice we choose the best ingredients nature has to offer and turn them into a healthy skin digestible diet for your face and body.
We believe that each skin needs a unique healthy mix of – Antioxidants – Essential fatty acids – Minerals – Vitamins – Lipids – Acids and Enzymes. Each persons skin is different and has different needs depending on their genetic make up + environmental factors.
Skin Juice puts a lot of time and effort into training hundreds of beauty therapists throughout Australia in detailed skin consultation and how to recommend the best healthy skin diet for every person that comes into their salon.

If you could be one entrepreneur for the day who would it be and why?

I would have loved to have been Steve Jobs when he reclaimed the reigns of Apple. His grand vision and conviction was phenomenally inspiring to me.

To find out more click here.

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The Birdcage Stylist

The Birdcage Stylist just recently relaunched their website. Buying designer outfits can be expensive, hence why I am such a huge fan of designer rentals. I personally am not a fan of being caught in the same ‘event’ dress twice. Why buy when you can hire?

How long has ‘The Birdcage Stylist’ been up and running?

The Birdcage Stylist has been up and running since May 2014. Since then, we have grown tremendously, starting out with only a few items in our collection to over 50 dresses now. We have also gained a huge social media following of over 8000 on Instagram in this short time.

For those who can’t afford to buy designer garments, how does the hiring of a garment work?

Lets face it, buying a brand new designer dress for an occasion can really hurt the bank balance! And for the dress to be only worn once or twice and then hung in the back of the closet collecting dust is such a waste! That is why we created our business, to give the opportunity for women to hire designer garments at a fraction of the price for their event and then return them back to us 🙂

Buying online can be risky at times, if a customer hires a dress and it is not the correct fit how can The Birdcage Stylist accommodate to satisfying the customer?

We offer a sizing guide for all of our dresses, so that customers can measure themselves at home and prevent any sizing issues. However, every body type is different and on the rare occasion that there is a sizing issue or the dress just plain doesn’t look right, we will gladly send out an alternative dress if there is enough time before the event. If we can’t get a return dress to you in time, we offer a credit note less postage costs to be used at any time for your next event.

What Australian designers can we expect to see when hiring?

To name a few, we currently stock Alex Perry, Galanni, Costello, Yeojin Bae, Maticevski, Elle Zeitoune, Nicholas The Label, Lover The Label, Lisa Ho, Camilla, Camilla and Marc, Rachel Gilbert, Bronx and Banco, Manning Cartel, Ginger and Smart, Shakuhachi, Carla Zampatti

What can we expect to see next from “The Birdcage Stylist”

We have just re-launched our website. We have added some new dresses to our collection to celebrate also. Right now we are looking for a milliner to partner with to stock great headpieces on our site and would love to also branch into hiring designer handbags in the future. Watch this space!!

To all my loyal readers simply send the ladies a quick email here to get 30% off your next rental, (valid for a week) perfect for spring racing.

Happy Shopping and check out The Birdcage Stylist here

My favourite dress would have to be this stunning Yeojin Bea Mira Dress RRP: $650, rental only $159 

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The memobottle would have to be one of the most original and stylish water bottles I have ever seen! It looks super cute and is great for the environment.

What is a memobottle?

The memobottle is a slim, premium, and reusable water bottle designed to fit in your bag next to your laptop and books. The vision behind memobottle is to assist in the reduction of single-use bottle consumption, to help people think differently about their consumption and move towards a more reusable society.

For those who might be a little hesitant about spending $25 on a bottle of water, what are the benefits of purchasing a memo bottle?

$25 may be seem a little steep initially but memobottle adopters quickly make their money back by not purchasing multiple bottles of water. The memobottle is a premium quality product designed to fit in your bag, be durable and also to stand out. The transparency and the unusual shape are certainly head turners.

For the style conscious, what would be the best way to style a memobottle to your outfit?

The memobottle comes with both a black and white lid. These neutral tones can match almost any outfit. The beauty of the memobottle is that it is transparent – therefore it mimics it’s surroundings like a chameleon.


Check it Memobottle here.

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HairClutch by DAME

For those who have clip- in hair extensions keeping the hair in-tact can be quite the task. My mum would always yell at me because I used to leave my clip-ins all over the house, the hair would end up getting into knots, it was a huge pain to untangle the hair and even more of a hassle when I traveled. The HairClutch is such a great invention by the Dames Amalia Moscoso and Debbie Batres.

Meet the Dames, Amalia Moscoso and Debbie Batres.

How did the concept for the HairClutch come about?

As a hairstylist I saw the need for myself, friends and clients to put their hair in SOMETHING. The inception of the idea was about 14 years ago when I saw a friend of mine hang her hair on pants hangers in the closet. Originally we were working on a garment bag for hair, but it just never felt like that was it.  Until one day one of my clutch purses fell on my head out of the closet and boom, The idea for HairClutch was born. I guess you could say the idea fell out of the sky.  I took the idea to my childhood bestie Debbie Batres and together we developed the idea you see today.

What are the benefits of storing hair extensions in a HairClutch?

HairClutch features 3 key benefits –

Storage: Holds the hair into place allowing the hair to hang in the bag on a hanger or in the closet anywhere convenient for you. Its protective cover will keep it from tangling or touching anything that will damage the hair.

Travel: HairClutch rolls up to resemble a clutch purse easy for transporting stylishly and keeps your extensions a little secret while doing so.

Styling assistant: You can style your hair while its hanging in the bag due to our patented clip grip system. You can have 2 free hands to hold the iron, or any styling tool and style the hair at the same time.

For those who have never owned hair extensions what tips can you give on caring for these extensions? 

Keep your hair untangled, allowing it to get into a ratty mess is going to shorten its life span because you will end up ruining the hair when you brush it out. Keep them clean as allowing styling products and air pollutants to sit in the hair for long periods of time will make the hair dry and brittle. After washing, let the hair air dry as often as possible. Even when it is human hair, the cuticle has been removed by most companies, therefore it does not need conditioning the way our hair does. A little leave-in conditioner will suffice after a shampoo. Use light shampoos that are sulphate free and not heavy. Baby shampoo is great for hair extensions. We of course, invented HairClutch to solve all these problems!

Can the HairClutch be used just for hair extensions or can I store other beauty goods in there? 

We don’t advertise HairClutch as a purse by any means, it is designed for hair pieces. However, we do have customers that tell us when in a bind they used it as a clutch purse and went out!  They would take the hair out of it and used the zipper pocket at the bottom to put phone and ID in. Sometimes they use it because it matches their outfits perfectly! We think its funny, but its not advertised for this.

Is the balayage trend still trending?

Balayage is a hair colouring technique to create a natural highlight. It resembles the natural colouring of a 12 year old. It gives a beautiful, youthful look. It is definitely a widely used technique that won’t be going away any time soon.

Thoughts on the top knot hair style? 

Top Knots? What is there to think about other than to be grateful that a lazy girls look is now seen on runways and magazine covers.. who doesn’t love a top knot? In fact keep a look out for The Hair Dame’s collaboration with Laruicci for top knot and ponytail styled bangles.

To purchase your HairClutch click here




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Meet Lydia Razif Bigtas

How long have you been designing for?

I have been designing for about a year. Whilst I was pregnant with my son, he triggered a skill in me that I never knew I had. Since then, I have not stopped designing.

How did the love for baby/kids wear come about?

The minute I was pregnant, I knew exactly how I wanted to dress my son (yes, I knew from the very beginning that I was pregnant with a boy.. lol). As I drew closer to my due date, I went into full blown search for clothes that gave life to my vision, but failed to find what I was looking for. It was then that I decided I needed to take matters into my own hands and my love for baby/kids wear has not stopped since.

Do you plan on expanding your adult range in the near future?

Absolutely! Our ‘Daddy and Me’ matching sweatshirts were such a hit that we will be introducing some ‘Mumma and Me’ matching tee’s this spring/summer! That way both daddy and mummy can match their lil babes.

What is your current best seller?

Our current best seller is our ‘Daddy and Me’ sweatshirts. They have been so popular. It makes me so happy to think that I am part of my customer’s fathers day outfits.

If you could see one celebrity ‘baby/kid’ in your label who would it be and why?

It would probably be North West (daughter of Kim and Kanye West). Her style is us to a T. Her wardrobe has a monochrome palette whilst adding different textures and print to bring interest to the outfit. This is the foundation of all our clothing. So I would absolutely love to see North wear our label.

I look forward to having children one day, mainly to dress them.. hehe. I am loving the marble romper. Check out Project T Bear and shop the collection here.


'Marble' Staple Romper
‘Marble’ Staple Romper buy here
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Introducing Sitting Pretty Halo Hair

From Clip ins, weaves to tape, hair extensions have been a savior for girls wanting to add instant length or fullness to there hair.  I cant wait to learn more about halo hair extensions as its something I haven’t experienced before. Stay tuned ladies, but for now enjoy my interview with Taryn.

What are halo hair extensions?

Halo Extensions are a new type of Hair Extension that are considered revolutionary because they don’t ruin your hair at all, well they cant! This is because they aren’t attached to your hair like other methods are. The Halo is applied in seconds by simply pulling your own hair over the top once it’s sitting on your head. It sits under your hair giving you instant volume and length. The best part is they are incredibly comfortable too, you forget it’s there.

Does halo hair extensions feel secure in your hair?

Yes Yes! This is one of the most common questions we get at Sitting Pretty. It’s very easy to see why people question if it’s secure because it’s just sitting on your head at the end of the day.

The fact of the matter is they are super secure and feel great when fitted properly. The Sitting Pretty Halo is designed to sit on the perfect angle, tucked under the occipital bone at the back of your head and underneath all your hair.

There are particular guidelines to follow to ensure the halo is secure and on the correct angle which can all be found on our website where we have videos explaining this. For example if it’s fitted too small it will feel like it’s going to pop off, and if it’s fitted too big it will hang over your ears and that will just annoy you. When fitted correctly you can shake your head and jump up and down dancing and it still wont move! It’s amazing.

Can you dye and use heat appliance on your hair extensions?

Sure! If you think you need to colour the halo we recommend toning down the lighter colours rather than bleaching the darker colours lighter as it will dry the hair out like it would our own. The hair is 100% Human so colouring and dyeing the halo is totally fine.

Same goes for hot tools, the Halo is human hair so it’s fine to use styling tools in moderation, but just like our own hair if its done too often it will get dry and break.

What type of human hair do you supply? 

At Sitting Pretty quality is extremely important to us. Our reputation as a premium Halo Extension brand comes from our extensive research and product development. Our Halos are made of 100% European Human Hair, and is Remy which means that the hair is from one donor and has all of it’s hair cuticles intact as well as aligned which means the hair wont matt up or tangle after 5 minutes of wearing it. Depending on how well the halo is cared for it can last between 3-12 months +.

Why are halo extensions a good choice over other methods of hair extensions?

There are so many incredible benefits from the Sitting Pretty Halo. A main one is that they aren’t physically attached to your own hair so they really can’t cause any damage.

Most hair extension methods will stress out the hair follicles because they’re pulling on the hair or weighing it down, and over time the hair gets stressed which can cause breakage and at times even bald patches.

Another reason the halo is so great is because it’s extremely easy to use, there are no time consuming or expensive installs or glues that are itchy and uncomfortable.

You can literally put it on in seconds and pull it off at night, this allows you to give your own hair a good wash and treatment so you can take care of your hair and let it grow.

Who said you cant have your cake and eat it to?

Another bonus is that the halo is just one piece, this allows it to be layered and cut to a style that allows your own hair to blend in seamlessly with the halo, they look incredibly natural when cut and styled and it’s the same every time you put it on so there’s no fuss!

It will also save you money and time in the long run because its a one off purchase until you need a new one! If you take care of your halo it can last up to 12 months!

The Sitting Pretty Halo has helped so many women feel better about their hair with out them having sacrifice their own hair in the process. We love that we’re helping women achieve their hair dreams.

Having hair that you love is one of those things that makes you feel so good and we cant wait to help more women discover perfect hair in seconds.


Make sure to follow Sitting Pretty Halo Hair on Instagram here to make an order today check out there website here


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Rent My Rack

Rent My Rack is a saviour for females around Australia. If you are struggling to find an amazing dress for an event or just don’t have the funds, Rent My Rack is for you!

Why would you want to be caught in the same dress twice anyways, ladies?

The benefits of renting over buying:

– It’s economical. Women can now easily access their favourite designs for a fraction of the cost.

– The dynamic nature of renting designer clothing allows women to switch up their styles as frequently as they like, without having to invest heavily in a new wardrobe or spend painstaking hours at the shops.

– Renting online allows women to order from the comfort of their own home.

– The Rent My Rack customer experience is based on an effortless approach to fashion – dresses are delivered to our customers’ doors and we clean the garments (less washing – yay!).

– Keep up with trends and get access to sold-out items that can’t be bought in-store.

– Renting allows designers to tap into a new target market of loyal followers (those who would not normally be able to justify the cost of an outfit worn once).

– Rent My Rack ensures our customers are never caught dead in the same designer outfit twice.

What designers do you have in stock?

We currently stock designers including: Langhem, George, Nicola Finetti, White Suede, Shakuhachi and Fame & Partners.

We are also accessing other exciting brands through our consignment option (Zimmermann, Scanlan and Theodore, Bec & Bridge etc).

2015 saw us launch into becoming a cosmetics stockist for PONi Cosmetics. We have also

just secured an exciting partnership with A Lifetime, creating millinery just in time for Spring racing.

For those who want to make money from designer items hanging in their wardrobe, how does garment consignment work?

Anyone with a stunning designer dress in excellent quality can consign their item to us for hire or purchase for a small fee. Clients can list their treasures on our website and get access to our growing allegiance of followers. Clients then take the main portion of the sale from their item being hired out or purchased.

The main advantage to this option is our clients are able to access the right target market of buyers straight away. They can also take comfort in knowing that the transactions are performed via a secure website (no giving your bank details out to strangers on social media!).

With Spring racing around the corner, what can we expect to see trending?

Here at Rent My Rack, we particularly adore those women who aren’t afraid to take a risk – whether it’s those wearing a jumpsuit, a two-piece suit, vibrant colours or bright prints; we applaud those with the confidence to be different.

White, white and more white – fresh and simple.

Feminine looks are always on trend with lots of lace, frills and skin.

Aquamarine and light blue have been popular colours in 2015.


Shop Rent My Rack here & check out my favourite dresses to hire in the gallery.


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Introducing Smoke & Stone

If you love home decor you are going to love Smoke & Stone. Its time to add some concrete into your home (the pretty kind)

Enjoy my interview with Alex.

How did the fascination with concrete come about?

Scott works in concrete construction and I’m interior obsessed. Concrete furnishings and décor are such a massive hit at the moment but sometimes do come with a crazy price tag. We wanted to be able to cater to everyone with affordable yet different pieces. With Scott’s knowledge of concrete it was a somewhat easy thing for us to fall into. He knew the best product to be using that would give our pieces an edge and set us apart from the rest of the concrete world. If you take a look at any of our bowls or table tops you will see a gorgeous smooth finish with an array of tiny river stones scattered throughout. This is our signature and something we get a lot of compliments on.

For those who might be unsure about how to incorporate concrete homewares into their homes, what would be your styling tips?

Its all about texture! Concrete can often be seen as such a harsh & cold product, but I find if you have it mixed in with other textures and layers it becomes quiet beautiful. I’m a massive fan of metallic and most of our range sports some sort of gold or silver. Both work so well in any type of home or style. You cant go wrong with a concrete vase and some fresh blooms. Or one of our XL bowls filled with delicious fruits taking centre stage on your dining table.

Tell us about your range, what can we find on Smoke & Stone?

We never stop creating and are always testing out new products. Metallic’s are our staple – popular colours come and go but metallics are so trans-seasonal. From planters, to bowls, coasters, and side tables; We have something for everyone! We also LOVE doing custom pieces – dining tables, consoles, you name it we can do it.

What is your current best seller?

Since we started in January the Metallic Trio Set has been a stand our favourite every week! The Midas Touch Bowl Set also seems to be a massive hit. And of course we cant forget our Raw Side Table! Customers have been going nuts for those since our first release!

I am loving the below pieces, can’t wait to have my own home to style.



TALL VESSEL buy here

Check out the Smoke & Stone website here. Keep up to date and follow Smoke & Stone on Instagram @smokeandstone1

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Wine and Cheese Fest 2015

I am so excited to be attending this years Wine and Cheese Festival. The event will be held on October 25th at Seaworks, in Williamstown.

I am a huge fan of wine and cheese and cant wait to see what the festival has on offer. There will be live entertainment, a kid zone, and even a grape stomp comp. Thank you to Vil for the lovely insight as to what we can expect on the day.

How many years has this event been running?

The event is in its second year now. Last year was the first year and was an interesting time for us, as despite our best efforts you never know what to expect. Luckily it turned out well received and hugely successful. This year we are fine tuning the formula as we want to make sure the event stays in Williamstown for many, many years. Ideally, we would love it if Williamstown and Wine and Cheese Fest become associated with each other, which means we need to make sure we keep on delivering a quality event.

What can we expect to see at the event?

The event is held at Seaworks which is an old Boat Building shed on the foreshore of Williamstown. It is just past the Park and the Police Station on Nelson Pl. Seaworks transforms very nicely into an event venue and is very unique due to the design and location of the building. It has an indoor section (Shed) and an outdoor section stretching all the way down the Pier, to the SSS Steve Irwin, part of the Sea Shepherd Fleet.

We have locked in over 60 vendors. Most of the vendors are indoors and the shed serves as protection from weather whilst sampling Wine, Cheese and other products. The Outside area will have the Hot Food Vendors, some arts & crafts marquees and seating, (Shaded areas) to enjoy the food and drinks in the fantastic environment.

Entertainment will be provided by Jazz bands and DJs and the Popular Grape Stomp Comp will surely be a hit. There is also a Kid Zone which will have entertainment for the young ones.

Finally, there is also a VIP marquee which is fully catered and a unique environment serving as a fantastic way to network and entertain.

I am so excited to see a ‘wine stomp’. How can we get involved?

The Grape Stomp Comp is hugely popular and a very unique activity. The entry will be very limited unfortunately. The details around this will be released closer to the event, so please keep an eye on our website for details.

For those who are not a fan of ‘wine or cheese’ like my partner … haha, what else is on offer at the festival?

There will definitely be something there for everyone, we will have Beer and Cider available, as well as a range of hot food and deserts. There will be well-known brands and some boutique brands, however all are high quality products.

It is, however, primarily a Wine and Cheese event, and something we would like to promote. Why not grab a Cheese Board and a Bottle of wine, and enjoy it in the fantastic surroundings with your Partner and/or good friends? Sounds like a great day to us!

What wines and ciders can we expect to sample on the day?

There is really a whole range of Wine and Cider available, too many to mention here. They are mostly Victorian products, but also a couple of interstate vendors. All of the popular blends and varieties will be available. A full list of the vendors is available on our website. There is also information on our Facebook page and Instagram accounts.

Most importantly when is the festival and where can we get a ticket?

The date is 25 October 2015, so save the date. Better yet, head to our website and the ticket section will have information on securing some tickets. It is quickly shaping up to be a sell-out event, so in order to not miss out and avoid disappointment secure some now, as we will only have a limited number available on the door.

Should you have any questions about the event, please don’t hesitate to contact Vil on

To all my lucky readers, enjoy $5 off your tickets by simply entering Sincerelywine on checkout.

Take a look at last years event here See you there.

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My interview with Aaron Favaloro

Aaron Favaloro is the talent behind some of the most recognised fashion illustrations you may have seen on Instagram.

Aaron has collaborated with Estée Lauder, Swarovski and Harper’s Bazaar, and has a huge celebrity fan-base admiring his work.

Enjoy my interview with Aaron.




At what age did you realise you had a creative flair and started illustrating? 

I’m not really sure. It’s something I’ve just always done. There wasn’t a moment where I can remember thinking “I like drawing”. I’ve just seemed to have always loved sketching. I have always loved to daydream and to create in my mind, the clothes and fashion that I would love to see, and have always drawn on whatever I could to illustrate the fashion swirling in my imagination.

With over 50k followers on Instagram and so many illustrator wannabes making their debut, how do you keep your followers coming back for more? 

I really do try and create illustrations I myself enjoy. For me, every illustration is a chance for me to do my best work. As a creative I never finish an illustration and think that it is perfect, I don’t know what drives me but I always want to improve. It is quite frustrating at times because you feel nothing is ever good enough. Maybe that’s what the audience enjoys. I also hope that they see that I love to have fun with my work and enjoy injecting a sense of fun into each illustration.

What has been your career highlight to date? 

I have had the pleasure of illustrating for Oprah with her dogs, that was a surreal moment. Another highlight was having my work in Harper’s Bazaar Australia; to see my work in such an incredible publication was mind-blowing.

If you could pick one favourite illustration you have completed, what would it be and why?

It would have to be the first illustration I did of Olivier Rousteing and a few of his supporters wearing Balmain; It was one of the first illustrations re-posted and was the first piece that started me on this path of illustrating.

Check out Aaron Favaloro Illustration on Instagram here you can also shop his illustrations here 

Edited by Souha Intani

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Made by Fressko

Made by Fressko is not only stylish in looks but also very practical when it comes to having a beverage. Not only can you brew your favorite tea as you go but the flask can be used for coffee, smoothies or any other liquid to your liking. Enjoy my interview with Hayley.

For those who don’t know what is Fressko?

Fressko is a Melbourne based company who believe a great drink should be enjoyed anywhere by anyone.

Our philosophy is simple:

“Be kind to mother earth, to others, and to yourself.”
We’re all about simple, sustainable, untainted, and everywhere.
It’s why we’ve eliminated a plastic, rubber and take-away cup culture and created a 100% BPA and chemical free reusable glass and bamboo flask that will be yours to keep for a long, long time.
Glass is the most natural, safe and tasteful way to consume liquid, and we wanted to make sure when you chose to drink from one of our products, you’ll taste the Made by Fressko difference.

How easy is it to ‘brew as you go”? 

So easy! With the Fressko 2 in 1 filter you have the option of using your Fressko flask for both hot and cold beverages. For tea, just add the loose leaf tea (or a tea bag) to your infuser, pop it in the flask, add boiling water and that’s it – you’re ready to go!

For Fruit water, add the fruit you want, fill with cold water, pop in the short infuser and that’s it!

Then if you would like to use it for smoothies then you can remove the filter completely  – its all so simple!

Is Fressko flask just for hot drinks or can it be used for cold drinks? 

Both! The glass flask stays hot for up to 2 hours ( dependent on use) and the bamboo rush stays hot for up to 4 hours (can be more if the lid is unopened)

What is the difference between the glass and bamboo flask?

The glass flask is double walled borosilicate glass with a bamboo lid and comes in 3 different sizes (300, 400, 500ml) – its perfect for both hot or cold drinks. The bamboo flask only comes in the 300ml size and is suitable for both hot or cold but was designed more for the coffee drinker.

Can we only purchase a flask online or can we find this brilliant product in stores also? 

Yes we are stocked in stores and you can find your nearest stockist on our website by simply adding your postcode to the stockist page search section.

Stay tuned for my review on the product. Make sure to check out Fressko here

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Meet Those Girls

Meet Elena & Lauren Melbourne’s Ice Tea Queens, they are Those Girls you need to know.

How did the love for Iced teas come about?

We have always been passionate about tea and we tried iced tea over in the States. But our real love for iced teas started in the summer of 2013. We were going through a huge chai latte phase and thought our home brewed chai was so delicious that we wanted to share it with everyone. That’s when the idea of selling our tea and sharing it with the rest of Melbourne hit us. But because the weather was so hot at the time, we decided to try selling iced teas instead of chai lattes. We knew iced teas had a lot of potential as they are so refreshing and hadn’t been don’t much in Australia yet. So we began our recipe trials and flavour development. Then a couple of months later we were selling our homemade iced teas.

When creating Iced Tea flavors where do you look for inspiration?

We love to work with unique and exotic flavour combinations. We are always looking for fun fresh flavours that will intrigue customers but also taste delicious. Our main source of inspiration is drawn from beach and tropical destinations from around the world. For example, our lime & mint mojito green tea is a Cuban influence. And our Pineapple ‘Sun Tea’ is influenced by a combination of Brazil, where the pineapple is thought to have originated & California, where ‘sun tea’ originated. Our goal is to one day travel to all the tropical destinations around the equator and pick up a new flavour at each stop.

What flavor combinations can we expect to find from Those Girls? 

We don’t want to give away too much right now as our new flavours for this summer are still top secret. But we can tell you that there will be an exciting mixture of refreshing and exotic flavours from South America as well as some classic fruity flavours with a new captivating spin on them. We are very excited for these ones!

At this stage you are festival/market based, can we expect to see your range in store in the near future?  

We absolutely love working in the festival and market scene. It is such a great environment for people to enjoy our product in. Plus it is always entertaining being surrounded by such a fun-filled atmosphere. We are going to continue to focus on the festivals scene for the time being but we may look into other options for our products later down the track.

Make sure to check out the ladies website to keep up to date and see them in person and sample some great beverages here

See you at the night market girls, and stay tuned for a giveaway in the next few days.

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