Calm your farm & SKRUB

With so many coffee scrubs on the market now, it can be a little overwhelming to know which one to purchase. I have been a big fan of SKRUB since its launch. If you haven’t read my guest contributor review on SKRUB please catch up here.

I didn’t know what to expect when Jenna told me she had been working on a new blend of turmeric and lemon but being the go-getter that I am, I thought I would put it to the test. I took a well overdue bath and got scrubbing. It smelt amazing – just like coffee but a little fresher. I personally could not smell the turmeric or lemon. To be honestly, I thought I would end up smelling like one of my favourite dishes from my local Indian restaurant which would have just left me really hungry!

Like most of us, I am guilty of not taking a lot of time for myself, so having a bath followed by a shower was a wonderful experience on a Sunday before the working week ahead. My skin felt silky smooth I didn’t even need to moisturize I just applied a bit of rosehip oil to control my stretch marks. Ah the #glamlife.

I think the biggest struggle was trying to get a great photo while using my SKRUB! A sexy shower selfie was not possible on my end, but I put my own little twist on it a la glam above.

If you’re a first time SKRUB user and a little unsure on how to SKRUB, simply:

• Wet skin
• Add SKRUB to your hands or an exfoliating glove and massage all over your body.
• Rinse with warm water

It can get a little messy but is worth it. I especially loved applying the SKRUB on my face, and noticed it improved my chin acne in a matter of days. The benefits of using a SKRUB are endless and range from improving cellulite, eczema, age spots, stretch marks and psoriasis. It comes recommended – and be sure to get your man involved too. I am sure he’ll can use it on his skin and be even more delighted to apply it to your beautiful bodies. Ooooh the #coupleselfie opportunities!

I have been using my SKRUB once a week over the last few weeks and can definitely see an improvement in my skins appearance, especially my thighs. SKRUB is made right here in Melbourne by the lovely Jenna Lee @doesanyonehaveanysalt. SKRUB have a wonderful range of SKRUBs, as well as clay face masks and I can’t wait to see this company grow.

I also would like to thank Jenna for taking part in the Vintage Mother’s Day Morning Tea, Jenna kindly donated 192 of her SKRUB’s for the guest gift bags. Make sure to check out SKRUB

Make sure to check out SKRUB here and keep up with all the SKRUB selfies on Instagram here.