Brows ‘on fleek’ thanks to BENEFIT



When getting my makeup done professionally, I never let the make up artist colour my eyebrows in.
I have only recently started getting my eyebrows tinted lighter.
I literally do my makeup and don’t touch my eyebrows, except the occasional little bit hair spray or gel, if I have any.

I know, I know, your mouths are wide open and you’re all judging me! I promise I have a reason for this. I simply don’t like the way my face looks when my eyebrows are coloured in, as I think it makes my features look too angry, especially in photos. As for going lighter, all my friends tell me it’s about darker eyebrows, but I don’t listen! Each to their own, right?

I think over the last 24 months, it’s really all about the brows, from #eyebrowsonfleek to #browgamestrong. I have not been a part of that hashtag party, but I do believe in magic, and Benefit have kindly welcomed me into their world to magically transform my brows.

Firstly, I got sent the most amazing box with my name on it, filled with amazing products from Benefit’s new brow collection. The packaging and the product itself is next level, yet I was feeling like a little amateur and didn’t know how to tackle this eyebrow situation of mine.

Goof Proof Brow Pencil It basically creates the shape for you, and if you have patches like me (my left eyebrow never grows) this was perfect. The colour is pretty light, so it doesn’t make my eyebrows look too full-on, and I have been using it non-stop since receiving it! Retail value $42, and so worth it, ladies. One side is the pencil, the other side is the blending brush. It’s a twist up so no need for a sharpener. This product has my vote!

goof-proof-pencil-hero (2)

Ka-Brow Cream Gel Brow with colour with brush. Basically a cream gel in 6 shades. A little goes along way with this one, definitely great for setting those few hairs of mine that go all John Howard on me. Retail value $42.

Gimme a Go-To I had no idea what a brow volumizing fiber gel was, hehe. Basically, this is perfect if you’re like me, trying to master the ‘brow on fleek’ look. Simply brush your eyebrows with this gel – again, a little goes a long way. Available in three shades and super easy to blend. Retail value $39.

Browvo Conditioning Primer haven’t had the chance to try this one yet, but it looks great. You can apply it before you go to sleep and it works overnight (wow), so you literally will wake up to fuller, healthier looking eyebrows! You can also wear it under your usual makeup as it enhances the colour and extends the wear. I am saving this one for when I go to the States in a few weeks, ‘cause who doesn’t want to wake up with Cara style eyebrows!? Retail value $49

If your brow game is strong, I highly recommend you trying something from the new 9 piece range, or if you’re still trying to figure out your eyebrows like me, it’s defo worth going to a Benefit counter and getting some assistance. See what products are best for you and what you want to achieve with your brows. For me, I don’t like my eyebrows too over-the-top, so the Goof Proof Brow Pencil & Ka-Brow are great tools for me.

Eyebrows are such a struggle for me. I feel like they’re messy all the time. I really want to purchase the Grooming Tweezer & Brush next, to keep my brows looking fab in between waxes. I am still trying to master the perfect shape, but with thanks to Benefit I am well on my way to becoming ‘’my own brow expert’’!

Shop the collection here and create some magic ladies.

Disclaimer: The lovely people at Benefit spoilt me rotten by sending me all these goodies to review on my blog. No magic spell was cast on my thoughts – all opinions are based on my experience and yep, my brows are now ‘on fleek’!

All editing by Emma Edwards, Copywriter & Social Content Creator