Breakfast with Kate

Never in a million years would I think I be in the same room having breakfast with the new QV Skincare new ambassador, Kate Richie.

I am sure most of you have seen QV ads on the TV, or their products in stores. It’s in that iconic white bottle with the blue branding. With me now?

Just recently my Mum had been advised to get some QV skincare products to help her eczema around her eye area – and it worked like a dream, so I was super excited to be invited to the ambassador breakfast. 

The event was held at Jardin Tan. The venue was beautiful, the table arrangements had fresh flowers and so much green. It fitted in so well as we were in the Royal Botanic Gardens.  


The gorgeous Dr Hope Dinh, owner of Hope Dermatology, gave us all a great insight on how to care for your skin during winter. The wind and cold can really take its toll on your glow, ya know. 

Dr Hope Dinh

During winter my skin goes dry and flaky. I take really really long, HOT showers to the point my legs are red (lol, true story). So when I heard that overheating your skin was a no no, I knew I had to hold back on the temperature gauge just a tad.

Dr Hope recommended to moisturize immediately after getting out of the shower. I’m defo guilty of not bothering with this most of the time. Tell me I’m not alone?!

They also talked about the Sunsmart app. It gives you detailed info on the level of UV in the sun’s rays at different times. This will be perfect for my fiance – he works outdoors and I am constantly on his back to wear sunscreen in summer. Well, guess what buddy, now I’m going to be on your back in winter, too. Lucky guy, isn’t he?! But seriously, who knew you could get burnt in winter?

I listen to Kate Richie almost every day on the drive home from work. I admitted to her that I used to listen to a rival station but switched over as I love how real and fun Kate is, I literally laugh out loud. If you don’t know Kate Richie, she played Sally Fletcher on Home and Away. Now you know who I mean, right? She has grown up, and is a Mum a wife and has even written a children’s book! She’s been in other productions since her Sally days, too. I’m totally girl crushing on her – I ain’t even gonna lie to ya. She actually smiled at me (omg). 


When she took the stage, I don’t think I was the only one in awe. Kate actually was a consumer of the product before being named the ambassador, so it’s amazing to know she genuinely loves the product.

Kate said being a mother has made her more weary of what exactly she is putting on her own skin, as well as her child’s, so it’s great that QV is full of the good stuff!

On our table we had a little bottle of goodness with the word ‘glycerin’ on it. Abstract, hey! You can’t actually buy this product. It was more to address the value of glycerin as an ingredient. It’s basically a humectant which draws water to and holds it in the skin, encouraging moisture retention and maintaining your skin’s hydration. Goodbye dry, flaky skin. Keep an eye out for products containing glycerin, as a little goes a long way, and does wonders for your skin’s hydrated glow.

As of July 1, Kate will lead the Discover the QV Difference Campaign, which aims to to help Australia better understand their individual skincare needs. So many people are completely unsure about what to use, so it’s a really good initiative. Make sure to check out QV Skincare here as there is a skincare solution tool to help you identify what it is your skin is craving.

Sue, Kate & Erin I (not my most flattering angle)
With Sue, Kate & Erin I (not my most flattering angle)

Each guest also received a beautiful gift bag with a bunch of QV Skincare products which I can’t wait to try. Don’t worry, Mum, I’ll share with you. Perks of having a blogger daughter, right Mum?!

Big thank you to Lauren from Ego Pharmaceuticals for having me.

Editing by Emma Edwards, Copywriter & Social Content Creator