Bloggers United

With over 1200 members on Facebook and over 15k followers on Instagram, being able to secure a ticket to a Bloggers United event was like getting a Willy Wonker golden ticket. Yup, I was one of the lucky ones. Like every other blogger who attended, I purchased my ticket to support this non-for-profit organisation.

The event was held by Melbourne founders Nikita @njtblogger & Jasmine @sweetaholicbeauty. I have been a fan of both the girls’ blogs and have followed them both on social media for ages, so it was good to actually see them in the flesh! 

Both girls have done so amazingly well for themselves, and the fact that they have created a network to bring bloggers together all around Australia is truly amazing. What I love most is the group is ‘real’ bloggers, not over photoshopped, intimating bloggers holding up a product for $$$$ without writing any content to go with it. Ya’ll know what I am saying? Bloggers United is a platform for all of us real chickas.

It was lovely to be greeted by such lovely fellow bloggers when I arrived, all asking to follow each other. We got to walk around and speak to some brands – some I have heard of and a lot I haven’t – which is always welcomed in the bloggers world. It was really awesome to speak to the brand reps, try products and have the time to chat to fellow bloggers whilst throwing down a few too many spring rolls! 


We also got to listen to some guest speakers, which I found very beneficial for my blog. I was very impressed with Bronwyn, who is the owner of @flatbummum. Make sure to check her out. Cheri Bobbins also had a great insight to media kits. I have had my media kit for a few months now and it’s an essential if you want to take your blogging to the next level. If you’re struggling to put one together, make sure you check out Cheri’s blog here.

Brands that I was really impressed by where @elucentskincare and @drhauschkaaus. I can’t wait to try both of their ranges! @thehealthmummy gave us all the most amazing cookbook, and I can’t wait to try a few recipes! @v10plusau were also great. I loved the branding and packaging, and I can’t wait to trial out a bottle, too.

Now for the goodie bags! We were spoilt rotten – seriously! Just check out the hashtags #bloggersunitedau to see the mayhem! For anyone not driving, you poor darlings getting home. We literally had 6-7 bags or more full of items from so many great brands/companies that came on board to support the event. I’m really loving my @tbxbeauty, it’s the most amazing brush ever! I’m also loving the bunch of lippies from @shanghaisuzylipsticks!

I meet some beautiful girls and have a bunch of new blogs and Instagram accounts to stalk! It was a wonderful day and I highly recommend you checking out Bloggers United here.

Stay tuned for my interview with Jasmine; one half of the Bloggers United duo. Feature image via Bloggers United website.  

All editing by Kellie Warner