Bhave to the rescue

So, I am one of those people who doesn’t invest in expensive, high-end hair products. I use ‘supermarket bands’ – don’t judge me! I only really buy products when I am getting my hair done. After paying $400 for foils, what’s another $70, right?! So I get sucked in, buy good hair products, promise myself I’ll stick to it, and then don’t! I am sure I am not alone, ladies!

Thanks to all the bleach it’s taken, my hair can get a bit dull. I don’t see myself ever going back to my natural dark roots, but I need a break from the balayage!

I have heard of Bhave products, but have never tried them, so I was excited to get right into my box of goodies. 

First of all, I washed my hair with the Bhave Rescue Intense Repair shampoo and conditioner. Usually some shampoos make my hair really knotty, but this one didn’t! YAY! That meant I didn’t have to use so much conditioner. Tip: my hairdresser also advised that I wash my hair twice, and then use conditioner. I have also been using the Bhave Bombshell Blonde shampoo, which has been a big help in eliminating that awful yellow tinge that blondes are cursed with.

After a wash and condition, I have been using BHAVE Leave-In Crème. Simply apply to damp hair – a little goes a long way. I only wash my hair once a week, and this routine has been keeping me going between washes.

Just recently, I got my roots done and winged to my hairdresser that my hair isn’t growing. She asked if I use any products before applying heat. Obviously, I looked down in shame! Even though I have a few bottles in my bathroom, I just haven’t used them, so when I received my package with BHAVE Riot Control Oil, I knew I had to use this in my hair routine on the daily! I have been applying this all over, avoiding the roots.

How have I found the products? My shampoo and conditioner have made a difference to my hair. Usually, when I wash my hair, it takes two days for it to look decent! Washing and styling my hair straight after a wash is usually a massive struggle. My hair won’t set when I straighten it, it’s full of flyaways, and way too much volume. Using the shampoo and conditioner and the leave-in treatment and oil has really improved the overall look of my hair and helped with me styling it and keeping it under control!

Speaking of styling, my hair can get quite flat after a few days. Being a blogger, I get invited to events on the weekly – in most cases, at the last minute! With no time to wash, I have been using the Gun Powder on my roots. It takes a little playing around, and time to get used to, but makes such a difference to my roots and gives me that freshly blow waved look.

Also, the Deep Intense Conditioning Masque is a must. I like to keep it in my hair overnight when I can. If not, I’ll just leave for 5-10 minutes. It makes my hair super soft – I love it!

Overall, I am very impressed with Bhave products, and would purchase this myself. My favourite item is the leave-in treatment, and look forward to trying the Fresh Ends Split Ends Repair over the coming weeks.

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Disclaimer: A big thank you to Vicki Miller | Impact PR who really took the time to understand my hair concerns and send me the right products to review on my blog. All opinions my own, based on my personal experience. 

All editing by Emma Edwards, Copywriter & Social Content Creator