Back to BEAUTY school!

Ladies! I went back to school the other night. Back to beauty school that is! It was an event held at Priceline in Doncaster. By the way, the store is gorgeous and had really great lighting for a killer selfie – bonus!

I was in the company of some wonderful bloggers, and we were all broken into three groups. First, we were taken around the store to see the best sellers, new products and learn about staff favourites.

Interesting facts I picked up

  • If you suffer from thin hair, Grow Gorgeous is for you and it’s a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner that the ladies swear by. Perfect for my mama who has thin hair, unlike me! (damn wog hair!). I will definitely be purchasing this for her.
  • If you’re getting a few wrinkles around your eyes like me, don’t worry you’re not alone. Save Our Skin No Tox is for you. I have never heard of the product but again, I will be trying it. 
  • Bondi Sands is their number one fake tan (I have tried it before, and oh my goodness, it’s fab). No wonder it’s a sell out! I look forward to trying the new Ultra Dark for the summer.
  • Nude by Nature mineral foundation is the number 1 best selling make-up product, too, so it must be good.

Along with all your current favourites, Priceline is adding more salon quality hair products and designer fragrances to its shelves, along with awesome signage (I work for a signage company by day, and boy do I know a good LED light!). We are all in for a treat, with more products coming our way and a price point we can afford!

Priceline also lets you try products, get advice from hair and beauty experts and watch tutorials. A beauty playground for all!

Next stop, hair with Kenneth Stoddart. Stay tuned for my step-by-step guide which will be live soon. Gawd, I love him! 


Last but not least, Rae Morris! Awe my new girl crush! What a sweet and lovely lady. She was full of life and knowledge for all of us lucky bloggers!

Rae took the time to ask us what our beauty concerns were when it came to our eyes. For me, I feel like my eyes are too small and I can’t wear eyeshadow. I was lucky to be an eye model that evening and have Rae work her magic and demonstrate how to enhance the eye. 

Clearly having the best time ever


I honestly loved the way my eyes looked – and I usually hate eyeshadow! What do you think? As you can see, only one eye has been worked on, but I’m definitely going to try this myself! Check out Rae’s tutorial here

hello enhanced eyes
hello enhanced eyes

We all received a goodie bag with some of Priceline’s hottest new products, which will help me recreate some awesome looks. I usually leave out the contents of my goodie bag, but this time I just had to share.

See pic below. Ummm spoilt!? I can’t wait to try the AC On Tour contouring & highlight kit. It’s always sold out when I go to purchase it. I’m also loving the Nude by Nature natural wonder eye palette. Truth is I barely wear any eyeshadow as I mentioned, but Rae has changed my opinion and I can’t wait to enchance my eyes! I also received a killer pair of eyelashes by Manicare. These babies are gonna give me that Kim K eye we all want!!!


Time to go shopping, ladies! For more information or a little shop visit Priceline here.

Disclaimer: I was invited by Priceline to attend the Back to Beauty School event. All opinions my own. Thank you for having me, Priceline. I loved every minute. Images just taken with my iPhone so excuse the quality.

All editing by Emma Edwards, Copywriter & Social Content Creator