Baba got a collab!

If you follow my blog or Instagram you would have seen me talk openly about my dad’s diagnoses with lung cancer. If you don’t follow my blogs, my dad was sadly diagnosed with lung cancer for the second time at the end of last year. Catch up on my post here

So, my dad has been a smoker for years, I believe he was 12 when he had his first smoke. He has tried to stop but smoking is an addiction, right? It is possible to quit. It can be done. I know a lot of people who have quit smoking. My mum for one has not had a smoke in 30 years (when she fell pregnant with me) cute story hey?

When Vaper Empire contacted me to collaborate I was about to respond saying no. My dad has been diagnosed with lung cancer twice. Why would I promote an E-cigarette? But after I had a look at the website and read some reviews I had a change of heart.

Reason being:

  • E-cigarettes are an alternative to harmful tobacco cigarettes
  • Vaping involves the inhaling of 3 primary components Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine and Nicotine (if requested) along with small amounts of flavourings
  • Vaping uses completely different technology to smoking. Whilst smoking involves the burning of tobacco and the inhaling of dangerous ‘smoke’, vaping uses a battery to heat E-liquid which is then turned to vapour that is then inhaled
  • Cheaper alternative to smoking
  • Vaping gives you greater control of your nicotine intake and allows you to reduce (or increase) your intake if you so desire. Vaper Empire do various strengths of nicotine ranging from 0mg through to 24mg

Need some more convincing?

Check out these success stories here

Before committing to the collaboration, I expressed my concern with Vaper Empire on looking like a hypocrite on promoting a form of cigarette when my dad has lung cancer. They have been great on communication and very supportive. I agreed to this collaboration with this post being sponsored and asked that Vaper Empire don’t pay me but donate to my Run Melbourne 5k run for the Cancer Council Victoria which made me feel a lot better about putting this post together.

Let’s perk this post up a little, shall we?

My dad was very excited and impatient he could not wait to receive his pack from Vaper Empire. My dad is a very honest man and he let me tell you 4 weeks after receiving his starter kit he has not had a cigarette since. (Promise he is not lying to me) Can you believe it? We are all over the moon and shocked! ha-ha.

We received the vibe series deluxe starter kit in black check it out here

So why is he loving it?

  • Variety in flavours. His fav is Mango and apple
  • He doesn’t smell like smoke
  • He is not coughing up phlegm like crazy all day. If you’re a smoker you know all about the phlegm and cough attacks. As a non-smoker it can be scary to watch
  • More affordable option to smoking
  • Smoking less
  • Impressive battery life
  • Reminds him of a shisha which is big in the middle eastern world
  • Does not get smokers breath

YAY so proud of him! Even his doctors have advised it’s a better alternative to smoking. As vaping is a new product on the market long term effects of vaping are non-existent now.

There is a documentary called a billion lives watch it here.

As stated above dad has not had a smoke since receiving this pack. He had one craving when he was stressed but fought it! Go dad. His been snacking on a lot of chocolate though but I say why not! Surely chocolate is better than smoking right? He has purchased from Vaper Empire since and continues to enjoy it. It’s been so good for his health. We all wish he converted from cigarettes to E-cigarettes years ago but better late than never.

He is so appreciative and thankful for trying out this product as am I. Stay tuned for a giveaway in the coming weeks but for now enjoy 20% off your next order. Simply enter ZERIN2QUIT via checkout. *min spend $100*

I had a great time taking pics with dad. He is so comfortable in front of the camera and insisted on the glasses and hat so cute!

There is a wide range of vaping options, available online along with flavours and FAQs visit the website here

If you’re a smoker have you tried E-cigarettes? Would love to know your thoughts

This post was sponsored by Vaper Empire 


Words Zerin Hassan / Post editing by Sarah Jane Bell / Photographer: Just my iPhone