Aunty Zizi loves Alfaberry

I might not be a mummy blogger, but I am a proud aunty to two little legends, Aydin and Leyla. When it comes to kids fashion, there is so much variety these days – compared to when I was a little youngster at least!

Kids are so expressive, from their clothing to their haircuts. Kids fashion is really on point now, and a lot of mothers I have spoken to have told me their kids are choosing their own style nowadays!

I love that kids are finding their own visual identity, and playing around with fashion from such a young age. Just recently, I was having a conversation with my mum about how I used to be so depressed (maybe a little dramatic) when she was still dressing me in grade 6 – I felt like such a loser walking around with a side part, velvet skirt and top and ‘party shoes’ with white socks. Thank goodness social media wasn’t around back then!

This isn’t her fault. She just wanted me to look like a little wog Euro baby with sexy upper lip hair. My mama will not be styling my future baby, ahah! Don’t get me wrong, she got some things right – like introducing me to Chanel, and teaching me to love wine! Bless your cotton socks, mum!

I am so excited to introduce you all to this new amazing kids retailer, ALFABERRY – an Australian fashion brand that caters to kids aged 3-10 years. I love the items of clothing as the prints are fun, on-trend and at a affordable price point. They’re super comfy too.

ALFABERRY founder, Aiying – who is also a mama – wanted to create a brand with good designs and great user experience at accessible prices. She grew up in Vanuatu and has lived in Washington, London and now Sydney. Her vision is to give children a choice of good designs which are desirable, comfortable and functional. If you ask me, I think she’s aced it! 

My niece, Leyla. was my model for the day. We had two very different looks to play with, and the fabric on both pieces was beautiful.

Leyla looked so funky in her pretty t-shirt, and she styled herself in denim jeggings, boots and a choker – very on-trend, babe. I love playing with her hair, so had to give her a top knot and roll up her leggings to show off a little ankle. This outfit is super cute for parties or shopping. She’s halfway to being a blogger! 

Photographer: Eleisha Http://

The next outfit, I love to bits. The dress is so elegant – more of a special occasion dress that Leyla would wear to a formal birthday, family engagement or Christmas lunch. I wanted to style this dress so she could wear it on the regular as well though – especially in the warmer weather.

Photographer: Eleisha Http://

I teamed the dress with a denim jacket, rolled her sleeves and let her hair loose. I then added a headband and some effortless ballet flats – she looked so cute. See below. I die! This outfit can be dressed up and down, and by adding a few accessories like the headband, or iPhone for Snapchat pics (yes, she has Snapchat) to make Leyla feel comfortable in what she is wearing. This dress also comes in black.

img_9168 img_9167 img_9223 img_9224


Both Leyla’s mum and I loved the items, and Leyla felt super sassy, too. I look forward to buying Leyla a few more items from ALFABERRY in the near future. If you’re after some unique clothing for your little ones, shop here.

Thanks for being an amazing model, Leyla.

Love Aunty Zizi x

Disclaimer: I was gifted ALFABERRY pieces to feature on my blog, but all styling, opinions and sassy nieces my own.