Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

It’s not every day you get to attend a movie premier and walk a red carpet I mean GOLD.. serious pinch myself moment. I was so excited to attend the Melbourne premiere of Absolutely Fabulous. I have not seen an episode of the hit series which is crazy as I love bubbles, fashion and all things Brit!

The premier was held at Crown Casino I was feeling pretty important with my lanyard around my neck hehe awe the little things! Media and photographers were everywhere snapping stars I see on my TV or Instagram feed. My fiancé literally ran the gold carpet haha.

Okay, so let’s be real I have never seen an episode of Absolutely Fabolous and don’t know too much about Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley but I loved everything about the movie. The bad fashion, the celebrity cameos, the drags the bubbles everything darling.

Image via Daily Mail
Image via Daily Mail

I would watch it again in a heartbeat. It was an honour to be in the same room as these two icons and hear the ladies speak before the movie.

Am I late to the Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone party absolutely. I am now a newbie fan and can’t wait to make up for lost time.

Thank you, Westfield for having me.