7 Tips on How to Organise Your Closet the Easy Way: By Jane Wilson

Organising the closet doesn’t sound like the most exciting task. However, if finding something turns into a challenge, perhaps it’s time for action. A one-time thorough organisation process could be a temporary solution for the closet chaos. If you aim for permanent results, you need to develop a system.

This may sound like a lot of work but it’s actually quite simple. It’s all a matter of small changes combined with clever space usage. This will give a new look to your storage area and help you keep track of every item that you own.

So, if you’re ready, put on some music, roll up your sleeves and get to business.

Start by emptying the entire closet. Now is the time to make a mess, otherwise it will be harder to organise everything.

The next step is to sort through the piles of clothes and shoes and systemise each one of them.

Tip 1: “Toss, keep or donate” system

It’s time for quick decisions! Designate a separate bag for each category and start sorting piece by piece. If you are having a hard time deciding, just try to remember when you last wore this blouse or dress. If you can’t remember, then it’s time to part ways.

Donating is always a good option. There is, of course, also the opportunity to make some money by selling an old thing or two. Placing a bag on your closet’s door for unnecessary items is an effective way to prevent future cluttering.

Just don’t think about going through that bag later and getting all sentimental… Once it’s in the bag, you can’t take it back!

Tip 2: Arrange by season

Why lose valuable space over clothes you don’t wear? They tend to create unnecessary mess that you certainly don’t need. They can even give you the feeling that your closet is shrinking.

So, make a separate pile of all out-of-season clothes, fold them and place them in plastic bags. You can put them on the top shelves of the closet or even on top of the closet (if possible). Items that aren’t used often can be left in places you hardly notice.

In case they can’t fit in there, there’s plenty of room under the bed. When seasons change, repeat the procedure with your current clothes.

Tip 3: 7 days outfit program

Getting up early only to decide what to wear can be tiresome. It’s possible to come up with ideas the evening before but sometimes you have other tasks. Therefore, assembling outfits for the whole week on your day off is something to consider. Place them in your closet with labels to avoid mix-ups and enjoy the free time.

Idea: If you wish to get the most out of your closet, you can put soda can tabs on hangers. Then just hook additional clothes on them.

Tip 4: T-shirt roll-ups

This is a great tip for efficient space usage. Forget about folding because rolling up will help you fit twice the things in the same area. If your T-shirts have a print, then make sure that it stays visible while rolling up. This way you’ll always know where your favourite shirt is.

The same technique works for towels, underwear and socks. Placing the last two in boxes will keep them from mixing together again.

Tip 5: Shoes in wine boxes

Bags and shoes usually take up most space. They also require special care and can’t be stored anywhere. Dust accumulation may sound harmless, but it could be dangerous for more delicate fabrics.

A simple trick with wine boxes can solve the shoe problem once and for all. Ordinarily, such big boxes have separate compartments for bottles that can serve as temporary “home” for your favourite pairs.

When the next season comes, they can switch places with the shoes you already wear now.

Tip 6: Door strap racks for bags

Adjustable door strap racks can give you more space when you arrange your bag collection. As a bonus, this simple idea will keep all your purses where you can see them at all times.

These devices can serve multiple purposes, too. Besides bags, you can hang on them also hats, belts, jewellery and more.

Tip 7: One hanger for 5 scarves

Last, but not least, come one very important accessory. The scarf can give a unique look to any outfit, but it comes with specific needs. Folding is not preferable and proper hanging is a “must”. Otherwise, it either keeps slipping off or gets creased.

When space is insufficient, and you have one too many scarves, you have to be creative. One hanger, for instance, can hold up to 5 scarves when they’re tied around it. Depending on the material, the number could be even bigger.

Idea: Keep the scarves you wear most often in easy-to-reach places. As for the other ones, you can always roll them up and place them in boxes.

Guest post provided by Jane Wilson from Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne