WELLNESS LOADING Disconnect to Reconnect A Digital Detox By Andi Lew

Lets just say I lost my shit (can I say shit? Off course I can, this is my blog). I had my phone in my hand and just decided to take my sim card out and left my phone in my car and stormed inside my house, sim card still in hand. I wanted to either chop it up as I didn’t want to be reachable or else flush it down the toilet. I did neither, I simply hid it in the bathroom cupboard and walked away.

After a long shower, angry tears and vita-weats and my Spiral Foods olive spread from my goodie bag from the Andi Lew book launch (catch up with the post here), not endorsed at all I simply LOVE It.

I got into bed and thought I would read my book, mind you I had no phone and didn’t know what to do with my hands.

Usually I know I would have:

  1. Snapped a pic of me reading my book
  2. Instagram that I am reading my book
  3. Texting back and forth with friends and my partner
  4. Checking Instagram, Facebook & Snapchat

We’re all guilty of doing it. I started reading the book and I could not believe that the average person spends approximately four years of their life looking down at their phones. That is beyond ridiculous.

The internet is the modern day library. I don’t go to the library for research now I go to google, type anything in and bang I have pages and pages of information.

When it comes to my blog research, Instagram is were I find all these amazing new products to feature. I barely go to a shopping centre to shop, I order online and it gets delivered to me. I even order my take-away through an app, I don’t need to leave my house.

From communication with a loved one to making life easier like instead of waiting 30 minutes at the post office (my parents still do that – ROLLS EYES). I simply use a handy thing called BPAY. There is even cardless cash now, how crazy is it?

I don’t even purchase hard cover books now as I use a kindle and download my books. I love it as its great for storage reasons and that’s the honest truth, but it was so nice to have an actual book in my hands and feel paper. AWW the little things.

Lets get back on track … with positives comes negatives like cyber bullying, hackers and scammers. There is negative sides to this internetted world we live in!

I decided to take part in the book activities, I didn’t write them in as my writing is terrible now (I wonder why?) Damn this touch screen universe we live in. I urge you do them. They get you thinking.

I took a lot from chapter two especially when Andi mentions ‘’your challenge state cannot remain forever’’ yes I am tearing up once again. I know it could be worse.

I have learnt I need to connect with myself more and stop trying to please everyone about me. I probably already new this but  its time to ‘show compassion for myself.’

Andi spoke about a time she took a homeless man out for dinner, a wonderful act of kindness.

I tend to give back I think, through donation to a charity for example. A man passed away last week whom I had never met, but instead of flowers for his funeral they requested donations so I donated a few dollars.

Last week I brought in some cupcakes and biscuits for the staff at work. I love to shout people a lunch, dinner, or drinks, (people can take advantage of you  – heads up!) as it is just in my nature.

I’m not Mother Theresa but I love to pay it forward.

I encourage you all to pay it forward at some point in the near future.

Andi isn’t saying deactivate from social media, and don’t take any calls or emails, those in a clerical position would know that’s impossible, it’s simply about creating a balance.

When I am on a interstate holiday with my partner he is taking business calls, along with dinners ( I am too busy taking photos of my meal, snap chatting my evening or checking us in.

I am not saying my partner and I cant do any of this anymore. But maybe simply taking my photo and putting my phone in my  handbag and my partner putting his phone on silent during dinner would be a way of reconnecting at dinner? Who else is guilty of this?

My mum has a TV show on but is playing candy crush (put the iPad down mum and enjoy the show!). I am guilty of looking at my phone while stuck in traffic. This is so dangerous, and I am so stupid to do it. I simply need to leave my phone in my boot before I kill myself or someone else and play a CD … who remembers those things?

Before I get out of bed in the morning I have to read Daily Mail, check my emails, Facebook, and Instagram. I actually feel pathetic saying it.

Little things like adding moisturiser after my shower I have no time for as I need to race to my room and look at my phone for another five hours. I need to stop.

Those closest to me know I do deactivate, especially when I am having a rough week I will go MIA. And it can be done. I was off Facebook for a few months and didn’t reach out to any acquaintances deliberately to see who would contact me. Only one person did believe it or not.

Getting a little side tracked but its all a little clearer now.

Someone said to me the other day, I make things harder for myself and I am too hard on myself. I don’t agree. I wear a lot of hats; I work full time, run a blog, attend events, assist with events, I was finalizing my engagement party, making time to see friends, my partner and family. It’s go go go,  not to mention double work outs at the gym.

I simply need to take some time for me and make small changes like go to the gym and don’t snapchat that I’m there as no one cares. Just go to the gym, lock up your phone in the locker, do your workout and clear your head.

Take a lunch break, go for a walk or a drive. Go to the gym once a day, not twice.

Emails … they can wait. I need to find a time before work or after work to attend and manage them.

Go to dinner and leave your phone in your bag on silent and not on the table.

Who is guilty of taking photos when on holiday with their iPhone not an actual camera? ME. Cause geez if I don’t take a photo and hashtag #FIJI right away the world may end. Next holiday I am going to enjoy my holiday and switch off. Easier said then done but I am doing it. I will hashtag when I get home .. haha

Andi mentions vision boards and I haven’t done one since I was studying fashion styling. I am simply taking screen shots for wedding inspiration. Why not go through a magazine and rip out some inspiration?

Kinda not related but it is, every time me and the girls make a quick phone call we say how its so weird to speak on the phone, why is it weird? We are making it weird. I am a receptionist by trade yet talking to a friend on the phone is weird, but writing a essay via text isn’t?

Its time to create more balance in my life (and yours) making better food options ( the recipes, look amazing I defo want to make a few) find a time of the day were I am not glued to my phone. Leave my iPhone in my bag, not at arms reach on my desk.

I think with these few changes I can ‘’be on path’’ to a digital detox, when you get to page 73 you will get my American lingo.

It’s time to put my sim back in my phone and deal with a certain situation. This book is great and I’ve never really read anything like it. I am excited to launch my READ tab on my blog. Stay tuned for further book reviews & a few amazing author interviews in the works.

As its all about paying it forward, one lucky reader will get a copy of Andi Lew’s ‘Wellness Loading’ book. Simply email me here letting me know why you need a digital detox. Australian residents only.

Check out Andi’s website here.