Meet Sue Sensi

For those who don’t know I come from a Cypriot Turkish background and have always loved the ‘evil eye.’ When I was a baby I was gifted with a gold pendant with the eye on it to protect me. From my childhood to my teens I would wear the evil eye beaded bracelets or a necklace for protection. I remember I took my necklace off after years of it being around my neck and got chili powder in my eye and cried tears of pain. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

I was always raised to have the evil eye on me for protection from evil and it’s something I really do believe in so much, I have considered getting it tattooed on my body.

Some may believe it is just a superstitious belief, for some it might just be a symbol. Weather you believe in the evil eye or not it has turned into such a statement piece to wear.

I used to cringe every time a relative would bring me the ugliest evil eye bracelet or necklace from overseas. Sue Sensi has created a modern take on the traditional evil eye that I have been loving for years.

I have been very lucky to meet Sue a few times, she is down to earth and humble. It’s easy to see how she gained over 77.3k followers on Instagram and has succeeded in the industry. I look forward to seeing the collection grow.

Make sure to check out the website for a wide range of beautiful jewellery, along with homewares, cushions, candles and more. Visit her website here.

But for now enjoy my interview with Sue:

Your company has been open since 2003, congratulations on your success thus far, what inspired you to start your own label?   

I have always loved jewellery and fashion. Having been bought up from a young girl where my parents were clothing wholesalers, it inspired me to eventually come up with my own brand of jewellery.

What has been the proudest moment in your career?  

When l realised l was a brand. Shopping down Chapel St I was stopped by a group of girls wanting to take a photo with me … haha … it was a great feeling.

How important to you is wearing the evil eye?

It represents my culture and l think it gives people some sort of spiritual security from the power of the eye.

What is your currant best seller? 

Treasures of a goddess (turquoise collection)

What can we expect to see from your range over the next 12 months? 

That’s a surprise.

Favorite place to travel? 

Greece, Greek Islands.

Are you excited about the upcoming My Big Fat Greek Wedding movie? 

I actually saw it last night, it was funny and something l can relate to also being Greek.

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