Meet Victoria from Harvest Box

If you haven’t had the chance to enjoy my offer with Harvest Box, make sure to check it out here.

In the meantime, enjoy my interview with Victoria.

Congratulations on having over 100,000 members subscribe to Harvest Box! What made you start this impressive business? 

Thank you!

The three owners, Will, George and James, have been mates since school. In their 20s, they all ended up working in large, corporate environments, (locally and internationally) and all three of them kept coming back to the same observation – that it was virtually impossible to snack healthily and have a job!

Vending machines and convenience stores are full of chips and chocolate and let’s face it, when that 3pm slump hits, we all reach for whatever’s closest. They wanted to replace chocolate and chips as the closest options with a selection of healthier, but still delicious, snacks.

The focus was always on convenience, so when they came up with the idea of sending the snacks through the post – straight to people’s desks – they realised they’d hit a great plan.

How many types of boxes do you have on offer? 

We send a box of snacks each week and that box could contain any combination of our 60+ mixes, so no two boxes are the same. Our subscribers love the element of surprise by post each week – much tastier than receiving a bill!

What snacks can your subscribers expect to receive? 

Our menu of 60+ snacks really does offer something for everyone – from simple, Australian-grown pistachios, to dried fruit and nut mixes, to breakfast bars and many more things in between.

Whether you like sweet, savoury, nutty, fruity, chocolate or yoghurt balls, there’s something for you. We don’t take specific orders for the contents of Harvest Boxes – because seasonal availability of ingredients varies and we pride ourselves on only using the freshest stuff out there – we do offer the option to rate each mix.

Basically if you love something, we’ll send it more often or, if it’s not your thing, you can say, “No Thanks” and we’ll never send it again! The ratings system works really well because it means each box is customised to your tastes, but still contains four surprises each week!

For those out there like myself, who struggle to resist eating the entire box in one go, what would you recommend? (Hehehe)

Haha! We’d never tell you how quickly you should or shouldn’t scoff your nibbles, but if you do end up eating the whole box in one day, at least it’s better for you than four bags of chips!

Is Harvest Box only available online? 

The subscription box is, but we’re also proud to have a range of our most popular mixes available as retail snack packs in Coles’ dried fruit and nut aisle, Target, Caltex Star-Mart, WHSmith and loads more stores.

We want to make guilt-free snacking as accessible as possible to every Australian. It’s all about happy snacking!

Check out Harvest Box here