What would be your four key wardrobe essentials to get you through the cooler months?

The number one item on my list to get me through the cooler months would have to be a coat! I always look to invest in a well-made woollen coat that will last me season after season. Next would have to be a pair of boots, two actually, in black and tan/nude. Thirdly, I love layering with scarves and have a plain black fur scarf that is so versatile. Last but not least I cannot go past a killer pair of jeans.

Tips on taking the perfect ‘blogger photo’

Lighting, lighting and lighting! Good light is your best friend when it comes to snapping the perfect pic. For me this is bright and natural light, but not direct sunlight. Also taking a couple of test shots will save you a lot of trouble. There’s nothing worse than getting home and realising all your photos are not up to scratch! If you recognise that the conditions aren’t working early then you can move on and save yourself a whole heap of time in the long run.

Favourite places to shop?

A bit of an answer out of left field here, but I recently returned from Paris and the shopping there is simply to die for! From Avenue Montaigne; designer store central, to Galleries Lafayette; heaven in a department store, the amount of high fashion options that are available is amazing. Closer to home in Melbourne I’m a sucker for Zara, Witchery, Myer and David Jones, Seed Heritage, and Sportsgirl.

The last bargain you picked up was?

I must admit I’m not a good sales shopper. I generally feel that once something has a red sticker on it then it’s old news. However if I can find simple-staple pieces in the bargain bin then I’m all for it! For now though I’m going to say all the goodies I picked up duty free in Europe.

Describe a typical day as a AFL social media coordinator (awesome job by the way).

Thanks! I generally don’t have a ‘typical day’ with my hours all over the place and working between home and the office. During the week I mostly work from home, in the evening sharing content from AFL.com.au to the Australian Football League’s (AFL) social media channels including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. On Friday nights and Sundays I work in the office covering the greatest game in the world as the voice behind our AFL accounts.

Talk about a babe of all trades. Enjoy my chat with Anne and make sure to check her out her blog here