Stacks of FUN

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the Royal Stacks launch. Dani Zeini is at it again: you may know some of his previous work including Dandenong Pavilion, Grand Trailer Park Taverna, Easey’s and Truck Stop Deluxe just to name a few.

My partner and I are guilty of eating all the best food around Melbourne and we can’t wait for a new store opening. I have eaten a lot of burgers around Melbourne and Grand Trailer Park is still my favourite for a casual date night.

The launch was full of Melbourne socialites with the likes of Ash Pollard, Gamble Breaux & Susie McLean gracing the room along with food bloggers on the prowl for the perfect insta worthy pic, a task I am still trying to master. I promise I will get there … hehe. As we entered the launch the media wall had a fantastic royal throne and crown with a stunning plant backdrop.

Once I grabbed my bubbles I had a very hungry fiancé who was craving a burger whom I had to please. We enjoyed the fries, and the potato gems were so amazing that we devoured two servings. Then came the burgers, we felt like seagulls prowling them down. I tried the ‘single stack’ and ‘the king’, both of which were delicious. The patty was cooked to perfection and ‘the king’ featured a massive mac and cheese croquette that was amazing. The sauces were to die for with each ingredient placed with nothing but love. I do plan on going back to try ‘the bacon bacon burger.’

For dessert we had a kinda surprise ice cream which was the perfect ending to a great meal ( thank goodness I wore spanks). From the décor to the ambiance to the FOOD, it was everything you would expect and more from a Melbourne burger guru.

Royal Stacks is located at 470 Collins Street. Thank you to The Zilla & Brook team & Helen Reizer for the invite. We cannot wait to go back.

Apologies about the photo quality (images taken with my iPhone) Eating was more important then the perfect image I will leave that to the food bloggers heheh. 

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