Hannelli Sandals

How amazing are these sandals? Definitely a summer must-have, ladies. Enjoy my interview with Hannah.

Explain the name behind Hannelli Sandals?

After combining my first name (Hannah) and my middle name (Nelli), Hannelli the brand was born.

In high school, I was nicknamed Nelli, because there was another girl in my friendship group named Hannah. Everyone around me, including my family, started to identify me as “Nelli”. I guess I associate both of my names with my past and present self which is why Hannelli seemed so fitting as my brand name.

How did the fascination with sandals come about? 

After graduating in 2013 with a Bachelor of Mass Communications, I found it extremely difficult to find a job that aligned with my degree. I ended up working as a Manager for Ralph Lauren, but I was always looking for something ‘extra’ to do.

I started thinking about different sandal styles needed in the fashion market. I’m not a designer by trade, but I am constantly inspired by fashion, art and design. I love sandals so I wanted to create a range that combined unique fashion-forward styles with comfort and affordability.

Each year, I would continually seek out a pair of leather sandals that combined unique fashion-forward styles with comfort and affordability. I found that there was always something I didn’t like about the styles available in our local market – be it the type of heel, strap, colour or lack of embellishments. My creative juices started flowing, and I had my first ‘aha’ moment.

I started designing sandals that I believed translated into being the ‘perfect summer sandal’. Each of my sandal designs make a statement – be it lace-ups with dangling silver tassels with rhinestone mesh straps, or slides with suede tassels covering the front of the foot

What is your current best seller in your collection?

Definitely the Santorini sandal – made from tan leather accented with light-reflecting champagne coloured rhinestones along each strap. I think the Santorini has been a best seller because it is versatile in both colour and design.

Which celebrity would you love to see wear your sandals? 

I would definitely love to see bohemian trendsetter, Nicole Richie wearing a pair of Hannelli sandals.

Check out Hannelli Sandles here.

My fav would have to be the straw hut sandal. 

attends VH1's "Candidly Nicole" Season 2 Premiere Event at House of Harlow at The Grove on July 7, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.