My go to toastie

Anyone else guilty of loving a lazy dinner during the week? After a long day at the office, the last thing I want to do is cook up a gourmet meal and end up with a bunch of pots and pans to clean up – know what I mean?

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A clean home is a happy home

This is my first year spring cleaning: ugh, adult life, hey! It’s been just over a year since I moved out of my parents home and into my own and wow, it does get overwhelming – especially in the beginning. I will write more about my first year out of home in the coming weeks, but for now I am here to help you get your house sorted and make a few extra bucks in the process. With Christmas approaching, that’s a win-win if you ask me!

Before you start your spring clean, get yourself a coffee and a sweet playlist to have on in the background. I put my phone away – no distractions! – and light my favourite candle to clear my mind and get me in the right head space. I tell myself I am going to get this done and not crash onto my bed crying cause I am over it! Not even kidding, that’s defo happened before.

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Essential Oils For The Working Girl

Use essential oils like a goddess and still have a penchant for Prada.

There’s a saying that essential oil users whip out more often that a credit card, which is, “there’s an oil for that!”

Eaten too much sourdough, fried saganaki, cronuts, megashakes and topped it off with a few too many wines/tequila shots? (Every bloggers diet right?) Fear not for your food baby, we’ve got an oil for that, DigestZen. 

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OMG what do I pack!

There is nothing I love more then a little stay-cay in your own city. For me that’s the beautiful city of Melbourne. I love to spend a weekend at Crown Metropol or my favourite hotel, The Cullen. Packing for a weekend can be difficult, especially with Melbourne’s unpredictable weather. 

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5 packing and moving tips

Over the last decade I have moved around seven times and guess what I am exhausted by it. Moving house can be one of the most stressful days of your life, but we have put together 5 packing and moving tips to help your move go as smoothly as possible!

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Baroq is Back!

Like many other Melburnians will tell you, Baroq was the place to be seen on the weekends. I remember having some of my best Fridays there – ah, the memories. (Okay, let’s be honest: the blurred memories, the sweaty hair, the Swanston St maccas runs, coming home reeking of cigarette smoke – hey, it was 2007 and you could roll up a ciggie right there on the dancefloor.)

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Protect your home with Sue Sensi

Those who know me will know I am obsessed with the evil eye. As my father is Turkish, the evil eye is a big belief in our culture. It’s something I really connect with. Evil eye jewellery used to be called ”woggy” but now it’s a massive trend and I think we have Sue Sensi to thank for that.

The ‘Love Your Home’ range is absolutely amazing and I have had lots of fun adding an eye around my home for extra protection – and to keep up with trends, of course.

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Merhaba Turkey

Have you been keeping up with my Instagram? If so you will have seen all things Turkish as I have been living the Turkish dream over the last few weeks! I recently traveled to Antalya, Bodrum and Istanbul. In true Insincerely Her style, I ate and drank my way around every spot we visited. Here’s a few of my highlights:

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Get the Perfect Festival look this Summer Festival Season

With the weather heating up and summer just around the corner, we could not be more ready to say goodbye to those freezing winter days. From gorgeous frocks, to frosé on the beach, summer has just about everything we can ask for. And to top it off this year’s summer festival line up is one of the best.

Although the international music acts are meant to be a festival’s main attraction, we can’t deny that our main focus is the festival looks that are on show. Festivalgoers go above and beyond to create the perfect look, and no look is perfect without the right makeup.

Whether you want to be a glittering goddess or an indie princess INGLOT Australia have your festival makeup look sorted! 

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Prepare for take off.

It’s that time of the year again where my man and I head off on our yearly holiday. This time, to somewhere I personally never thought I would travel to; Turkey. This might seem funny coming from someone half-Turk, in reality I have a Cypriot background (the less-hairy type if anyone asks, haha).

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Moving day can be one of the most stressful times of your life but throw in kids, working and running a household and you can have a recipe for chaos (and disaster).

Here are our top 10 tips for having an organised, smooth and calm move.

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Move Over Oprah’s Book Club

There is nothing I love more than reading a good old girly romcom – especially an erotic rom com! Yep, I said it and you know what? I am sure I am not alone ladies! Cmon, admit it!

I just get so lost in the characters of my book for hours on end. I find reading so therapeutic and it’s something I really wish I did more often. Adulting and being a sassy girl boss and blogger gets in the way sometimes, yknow?!

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Meet Francesca

From small market stall to much-loved Australian brand, Francesa is the on-trend designer jewellery label by sisters Hannah & Rachel. Working with sterling silver and solid gold, the two sisters meld their contrasting styles to create striking contemporary pieces. Enjoy my Q&A below: 

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Everlasting Memories

So it’s all about the digital era, am I right? Don’t get me wrong – I am so glad to be a part of the generation that created selfies, filters and hashtags. Everyone’s iPhones are attached to their pretty little hands, from my mum who is over 60 to my niece who is under 10 – and of course me, a blogger. It’s just the modern tech world we live in. Unfortunately, for all our snapping, tweeting and ‘gramming, pictures are rarely printed.

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The Jacqueline Tote

If you keep up with Insincerely Her, you would have recently read that my mum took a bag from me! If you missed that post, catch up here. I received an email from the lovely people at Kensington and could not stop laughing when I read that they asked if my mama would like to try a bag! It was so adorable! This time, I stole it from her! Now that’s handbag karma!

Picking a handbag is very tough for me! With all that blogger mail I receive, I need a bag that is big enough in size to not only hold all my mail but my tech goodies. My phone, my Acer laptop, my iPhone charger – you name it, it has to go in the bag! We girls carry everything, don’t we!?

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Fake It Till Ya Make It

I have always been a lover of fake tan. There is nothing sexy about white pasty legs – unless you’re an English rose! I personally tend to let my beauty regime go a little over winter as it’s just too damn cold to do anything. Anyone else guilty of this?

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At Home With Acer

As many of you know, I am an amateur tech nerd, and I really love fashionable technology pieces. I was so excited when I got to work with Acer for the second time after reviewing the amazing Switch Alpha 12. As many of you know I am a Windows baby – definitely not a Mac girl. I may not know the difference between RAM and GB, but I do know a fashionable (and functional) laptop when I see one!

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Cheat Your Way To A Donut Wall

It’s time to say goodbye to the flower wall and hello to the new wall on the block, the donut wall. A wall you can actually eat! Yep the donut wall has taken over our Instagram feeds ladies.

As I am always entertaining at home dessert options can be a little hard I mean how many cheesecakes can I put out on the regular??

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Secret Sisterhood

There is nothing I love more than women who empower one another. Ever since I reconnected with two lovely ladies from high school, I have never felt so much girl power and support in my entire life. Girls can be complete bitches – I know, I have been on both ends of the stick. I have been a bitch and been bitched about, so when I am surrounded by women who want to lift one another up it’s honestly a breath of fresh air.

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