VAMFF 2017


As many of you know I attended the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival this year. You would have already seen all the amazing street style outfits, all you favourite celebrities/socialites in only the best, along with all the wardrobe envy outfits on the runway.

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Time to get your clean on bitches


Last year I was kindly gifted a pack of household care items from Modere.

Modere stocks all the goods us ladies love, from haircare, skincare, makeup to protein bars and even probiotic support. Let’s not forget our men ladies.. there is even items for the lads, dads and brothers in our lives. How did I come across this company? #instagram. So what was in my gift pack?

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A look back at VAMFF

Volunteer After Party

So it’s that time of the year again where Melbourne’s finest come out to play! Who’s excited for Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival? I sure am! Ever since I was a little volunteer at the festival I just feel in love with the entire event.

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The only one


I love lipstick! They can change my mood instantly. When I wear a red lip I feel very sexy, a little sassy, kinda like my inner Christina Aguilera comes out. The color red just gives me life and a little confidence. Funny how a little lippy can do that.

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Eat Fit Food


So I was kindly gifted a three day cleanse from Eat Fit Food. I have seen some of the meals via other blogs that I follow and have heard really good feedback, so I was looking forward to trying it out.

We had a few issues with my delivery address so I had to organize a courier to deliver the food to my workplace. I received my three day cleanse in three separate cooler bags.

I received my meals on Friday which was a real bad day to start a cleanse. The meals were generous in portion size and packed well.

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Vetta Pasta


Another food related post you lucky ducks!! It seems I am giving Nigella Lawson a run for her money as of late who would have though in just four months of living with my partner I would be cooking this much! I am honestly loving every moment of it even the cleanup.

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Meet Candice Warner


I had the pleasure of interviewing the stunning Candice Warner. For those who don’t know Candice is mother to two little angles, an athlete and wife to cricketing legend David Warner. While Candice is always on every red carpet guest list. Candice is a self-confessed ‘faux-cialiser’… who would rather enjoy a night in indulging in a Connoisseur choc mousse then a star-studded event… now I know your all thinking what is a faux-cialiser? Find out below.

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4 Week Sit Up Challenge


For those who don’t keep up with my Instagram updates, I recently took part in a 30-day sit up challenge.

I have always suffered from bloating. I don’t have a flat stomach area but I sure do have a bludge that really annoys me. After trying on bridesmaid dresses along with everything I have been purchasing online that I had to send back due to feeling disgusted in my own skin, it was time to do something about it.

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I work out


Firstly welcome to my first post in my new ‘fitness tab’. Can you believe I have a fitness tab?

I was pretty pumped to be one of 25 lucky ladies to attend the KAYA Health Lab Summer Series event held at Kaya Health Clubs.

To be honest I was feeling a little nervous about attending the health club as all the girls I have seen who post selfies there are perfect looking models/bloggers with those Kendall Jenner legs for days that I clearly don’t have. I was wrong it was not intimating at all and I did not feel out of place one bit. 

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After being super jealous of all the gorgeous selfies being posted on my Instagram feed of ladies and gents applying the L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Masks it was time for me to put this little pot of genius to the test!

I was kindly gifted the L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Mask – Detoxifying + Brightening Charcoal Mask. I could not wait to apply this to my face. I simply used a foundation brush to basically paint my face. The texture was not as thick as I thought it would be and rather smooth and refreshing. 

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A Sunday well spent brings a week of content


I was pretty excited when the lovely people at Blys pronounced ‘bliss’ contacted me to have a complimentary massage to feature on my blog.. how could any blogger say no to that? #theperkshey.

It has been around 5-6 years since I’ve shamelessly had my last massage. It’s not that I don’t enjoy a massage. I am always gifting friends and family members a pamper session, yet I won’t book myself one!

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Insincerely Her X NEUE BLVD

Bed Linen

When it comes to styling a home I am no pro. It’s bloody hard work. I am three months into styling our first home and I just feel like so much is missing! I don’t know what to buy, what goes with what, do I want some colour? I am pretty lost at the moment but I am so lucky to have some expert help.

It’s an honour to have Christie Turvey from NEUE BLVD shares her top Tips and Tricks to make your space instantly stylish and chic. 

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Royal Stacks 1st Birthday party


If you follow my socials you would know that I love a burger or two. Last year I was lucky enough to attend the launch of Royal Stacks on Collins Street, catch up here my fellow burger lovers. #amateurwritting

Royal Stacks have continued to go from strength to strength opening more stores throughout Melbourne over the last 12 months and adding more to the menu which I was lucky enough to sample.

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Mirelle Dress by Misha Collection


After seeing Nadia Bartel in the Mirelle Dress by Misha Collection I just feel in love with the detailing of the dress, the gold tones along with the length and not to mention convenient arm straps. My arms might be thin but they are getting cellulite on them (joys hey) as I have no boobs I just look broad in anything strapless (the off the shoulder trend is truly a blessing for my broad sisters out there).

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My first empties


I thought I would post my first empties on my blog as it has been a little while since I have posted a beauty related piece and feature six products I have been loving that have simply come to an end.

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So you’re an adult now: A guide to your first year out of home Bessie Hassan


It’s a pleasure to have guest contributor Bessie Hassan feature on my blog.  As I am only a few months into living out of home the tips below are just what I needed to get my adult on hehe. Enjoy ladies.

So you’re ready to enter the world of adulthood and tackle your first year out of home. But let me tell you from previous experience, it’s a lot easier than it sounds.

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Canadian Club Racquet Club launch


I was delighted to be invited to the second annual Canadian Club Racquet Club launch. The weather was just perfect for the event overlooking the Australian Open.

I don’t really know much about tennis but I love the buzz the AO gives us Melbournians. Last year I was so impressed with the festivities held at Birrarung Marr, I could not wait to attend again (catch up on last year’s post here ladies)

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Summer Holidays


Just like that, 10 days have past and the yearly holiday that us 9-5ers all look forward to has sadly come to an end.. time to hit that snooze button and have multiple cups of coffees to get us through this thing called work-life.

I had one of the most laid back holidays ever. While everyone will be talking about their beachside getaways. I am so excited that I got to catch up on some ‘me’ time which I really needed as I have spent the last few years on my holidays working my second job and stamping people in a nightclub for a little extra cashola.

So what did I get up to?

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I am just going to start this post and say it.  Who doesn’t love dick?

Benjamin from Cockolate and I have a lot in common. We love dick and both have similar personalities – and we’re not uptight at all. We’ve been having a little fun via emails (all in the name of good content, of course) and that’s how I ended up talking to you about Cockolate.

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Feeling hip with Cobs Hip Chips


I have been obsessed with chips since I was a kid, and as an adult nothing has changed – just ask my mum. I can never stop at a handful or a small bowl – it’s always the entire packet! I’m an all or nothing kinda gal, which leads to massive food guilt. I am sure I am not alone here, ladies!

When I was asked if I would like to try Cobs Hip Chips, my tastebuds couldn’t wait for this collaboration.

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Tis the season for Kmart

Shop here

Over the last year I have become seriously obsessed with Kmart. The quality, the variety, the low prices – it’s literally heaven for me! Every payday I can’t seem to stop myself going in store or shopping online to pick up something new. Oh, and when I say ‘something new’ I mean a cart full.

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Q&A with Jacquie Mclean


When Project Ten reached out to me, I thought someone from Channel 10 wanted to feature me! Sure, I thought to myself, until I actually Googled Project Ten. It’s actually an online retailer with some really fun products that I can’t wait to share with you! Especially with Christmas around the corner – if you’re after some last minute gift ideas, Project Ten is for you.

Project Ten was launched 4 years ago by Jacquie Mclean – a Geelong based mama. Jacquie designed her entire range after realising she needed a practical yet fashion forward beach tote. Say goodbye to the annoying straw bags, girls.

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Waffle Queen


Not going to mention any names here, but there is a café near me that serves amazing waffles.  Everyone in the area goes there! You can’t even eat a waffle in peace without seeing half your school, and have awkward chats about what you’ve been doing over the last 10 years. Cringe!

I prefer to enjoy my waffles in the comfort of my own home with my friends and loved ones. I have never made waffles before, but when I was gifted a limited edition Waffle Bowl, I could not wait to get it out and create my own café style waffles in my own kitchen – without the bitchy high school acquaintance small talk! 

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