DIY lavender soap


Who doesn’t love a beautiful soap? I find the best ones at local markets when I go away on a little staycation. Soaps make amazing features in the bathroom or in your linen draw or even a brilliant little last minute gift for a loved one. As you all know I am loving a DIY lately so enjoy my DIY soaps below- it’s so easy ladies.

What you need:

• 6 pack of plain soap. I got mine for $2 from Coles.

• Candle/Soap moulds (could also use a muffin tray)

• Dry flowers (I used some dry lavender I had laying around the house) Fresh flowers, rose petals would look so pretty.

• Diffuser oil (Euphoria) scent of choice lovelies.



Step 1: You can chop up your soap with a knife but I found using a cheese grater an easier option. Alternatively, place all soap in a plastic bag and smash it on the ground a few times if you need a little de-stress.

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Schick’s catwalk, with a twist, at Sydney Fashion Weekend!


I am very fortunate to get invited to quite a few events thanks to my blog. With so many being in Sydney thought I unfortunately have to decline. I wont lie, I have thought about relocating as I feel there is more opportunity for bloggers in Sydney but due to my fiancé business I don’t think this is possible and I love Melbourne to much anyways so I guess I will just have to invest in a private jet to take me to these awesome events that I’m clearly missing out on.

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“In the Youth of Our Fury”


I recently attended the launch of Margaret Zhang’s first photographic book, “In the Youth of Our Fury” held at Eastland Shopping Centre. Firstly, the room where the exhibition was held was just gorgeous. I loved the hanging floral arrangement.


Confession time, ladies: I am guilty of not knowing anything about art or good photography. I mean, I see an image and think, “that’s a great shot”, but can’t stare at a photograph for more than a few minutes without reaching for another glass of champagne or the passing mini borek – yes, they were delicious! 


What I can comment on, is Margaret Zhang. I have seen her flatlays, brunches and to-die-for effortless outfits pop up on my Instagram feed over the years. Major blog goals right there.

I recently watched Fashion Bloggers TV and Margaret would be at uni one minute, and fashion week the next, or even shooting (and modelling) for Swarovski. She is also a Vogue cover girl. Serious girl crush! It was a great insight to the world of Margaret.

It was so great to see those who worked with Margaret were actually in the room celebrating her moment, along with the images featuring Eastland staff members in the book. It’s so great that Eastland could collaborate with such an outstanding talent. 

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Back to BEAUTY school!


Ladies! I went back to school the other night. Back to beauty school that is! It was an event held at Priceline in Doncaster. By the way, the store is gorgeous and had really great lighting for a killer selfie – bonus!

I was in the company of some wonderful bloggers, and we were all broken into three groups. First, we were taken around the store to see the best sellers, new products and learn about staff favourites.

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MSFW 2016


I was pretty excited to attend my second Melbourne Spring Fashion Week to watch the closing runway show featuring resort. If you’re a little unsure on what resort is, basically its swimwear and holiday attire.

Fashion can be a little unrealistic on the runway sometimes so it was wonderful to see great wearable items this time round.

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Move over Martha


I am so excited to announce that I am now a creative contributor to one of my favourite blogs Who Loves That, massive pinch myself moment! I am such a fan of Emma from her style to her DIY projects to her recent wedding. Emma inspires me when it comes to blogging and now she is kinda my boss! So cool.

I look forward to putting together some fun content for a new audience and working with photographers and creating some magic for you all.

Take a look at my DIY coffee scrub which featured on Who Loves That here. I thought I would also share it below for you to try.


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Simplicity with Akin


As always, when receiving blogger mail, the excitement is next level and I can’t wait to try my goodies and share them with you guys. Yep, I’ve been blogging for over a year, but I’m still like a kid at Christmas when my blogger mail arrives!

So, what did I get this time?

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My hair is shocking. Seriously, it just has no life! I wash it once a week, I go to the gym, and generally it looks like a mop on the daily. Sigh. Everyone seems to be obsessed with dry shampoo. I have tried a few but haven’t really added it to my beauty routine. Until now.

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Brows ‘on fleek’ thanks to BENEFIT




When getting my makeup done professionally, I never let the make up artist colour my eyebrows in.
I have only recently started getting my eyebrows tinted lighter.
I literally do my makeup and don’t touch my eyebrows, except the occasional little bit hair spray or gel, if I have any.

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Chef Good


Another week, another food delivery. This time from Chef Good – a mixture of frozen and refrigerated meals. I received the 1200 package which had breakfast, lunch and dinner, which was delivered on Sunday.

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Breaking news: I have upper lip hair!


OMG! I am human. Who doesn’t have a few little whiskers on their upper lip?! I am sure there are a few – #envy, but not many!

Being half Turkish I have a little hair growth, which I am taking care of with laser. Unfortunately laser on my upper lip has been frustrating, as it’s not taking full effect like it is on the rest of my body. Annoying, I know.

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So I have heard so much about NYX Cosmetics, but have never really tried the product. I know, I am such a bad blogger!

Priceline Bourke Street opened its doors to NYX Cosmetics recently, and girls had been lining up from 6am – how crazy is that? The first 100 in line did get a free goodie bag, so I do get it ladies, hehe.

The NYX counter was buzzing; girls everywhere, bloggers galore, great tunes and vibe. I was a little overwhelmed and didn’t know what to grab! 

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Bhave to the rescue


So, I am one of those people who doesn’t invest in expensive, high-end hair products. I use ‘supermarket bands’ – don’t judge me! I only really buy products when I am getting my hair done. After paying $400 for foils, what’s another $70, right?! So I get sucked in, buy good hair products, promise myself I’ll stick to it, and then don’t! I am sure I am not alone, ladies!

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Being in the blogging business means lots of packages on the weekly, and lot of waste from packaging.

I came across Ethique, a New Zealand based company, who make bar-based hair and skin products that can last as long as 5 bottles of its liquid equivalent

On first impression, there was lots of variety in my package! I did think, “how on earth do I use this!?”.

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Meet Sarah


I am so excited to feature Sarah, the owner of Sunkissed the Collective. I am all about #Girlbosses and obsessed with online shopping, so it’s an honor to have Sarah on my blog. If you’re in love with summer, the ocean and tan lines like me, or need a new outfit for your next adventure or summer date night… Sunkissed the Collective is for you, ladies. You are going to fall in love. Don’t panic, she also has knitwear for you Melbourne ladies, and the most amazing towels to create the perfect beach selfie, #beachlife.

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LUV UR SKIN launch


A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to the Luv Ur Skin launch.

I don’t watch a lot of TV, so I clearly am out of the Sharktank loop, but that’s okay cause Sharktank didn’t make Luv Ur Skin. Izzy already did it all on her own, and she is only a teen!

Her launch was held at her warehouse – #teenboss goals!

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Kissable lips with Blistex


I am pretty sure every household has a Blistex lying around somewhere. Whether it’s a lip balm or pot, I am sure there’s one in your bathroom, handbag or office drawer.

Blistex has always been a favourite in our household. From the girls’ handbags to the men’s pockets, it’s our winter savior.

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When you love a glass – okay, a bottle! – of red wine, and have multiple cups of coffee a day, your teeth tend to get a lovely yellow glow, right? Who’s with me?

I have had zoom whitening, chair whitening… I am a little obsessed with white teeth. What annoys me is spending so much on my teeth and the result not lasting. 

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As much as I would love to write about how great Bastille Day was, we need to take a moment to pay our respects to those who lost their lives in Nice. My heart goes out to the families, France and the entire world, really.

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Keep calm with Arbonne


A few years back I had my first Arbonne experience. A friend of mine at the time recommended the brand to me, so I could explore what skincare worked for me, and also trial a foundation.

The consultant basically gave me a week’s sample of the range to try, but barely explained anything about the products or how they would work for my skin. They were messaging me everyday trying to get a sale, but to be honest I was quite put off by the entire experience.

What did I think of the skincare then? In 5-7 days you can’t really tell how a product is on your skin. I prefer to give skincare products around 4 weeks to really get a feel for the product.

That said, I have heard great things about the company, so I think we just got off on the wrong foot.

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Beauty packing essentials


It’s now less than 20 days ’til I am on a flight to New York City! I have always wanted to go to the States and can’t believe it’s actually happening.

Packing beauty products can be a pain. Products are heavy, make-up can break. The last thing you need is a smashed palette. I tend to pack my own shampoo and conditioner too. YUP (blonde hair problems)

I can keep going if you like? I literally pack the entire bathroom and barely end up using any of it, so this trip I really wanted to pack smart.

So what am I packing? 

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Sent with love from Emballage


If you follow me on Snapchat (feel free, it’s insincerely.her) you will know that I get a lot of ‘’blogger mail’’. A few weeks ago I received a beautiful package from Emballage (apologies again about the delay, ladies!) This was the most beautiful delivery I have ever received.

What came was a beautiful white box that had my initials and a tassel as the tag, along with a note in a gorgeous envelope. From the box to the ribbon to the personal note, there was only one word to describe my box: luxurious.

So excited to tell you all what was inside!

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Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie


It’s not every day you get to attend a movie premier and walk a red carpet I mean GOLD.. serious pinch myself moment. I was so excited to attend the Melbourne premiere of Absolutely Fabulous. I have not seen an episode of the hit series which is crazy as I love bubbles, fashion and all things Brit!

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Oh brother


Firstly, this blog post is dedicated to my older brother Oz. Just recently I tried to explain to him what a blog is. Massive fail. He just looked at me like a stunned mullet and said ‘why would anyone send you anything?’-  little does he know his sister is a Z list socialite hehe.

Jokes aside, as his birthday was coming up I always buy him Adidas clothing or a bottle of JOOP.

Buying gifts is so hard so I’d rather buy him one of those two, as it’s what he likes. No birthday surprise from this sister.

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Get a summer glow in winter


I have always had an item of makeup from Rimmel London in my makeup case since I was in my teens. I love the mascaras and nail polishes from the collection and, let’s be real who doesn’t want to try and look like the-the effortless Kate Moss and get the ‘London look’ – Cliche I know, but had to use the line.

For the makeup amateur like myself (I should give myself a little credit. I did do a cert in hair and makeup in year 11) #diplomabitches 

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